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15 special toilets in the world


The world is so big,you need go out for a walk! For this,Lonely Planet recommended 100 places around the world,these places are very interesting,very shocking,even crazy.

Emotional appeal should be need when you are in toilet? Lonely Planet recommendation 15 special type of toilet,very impressing and shocking.

1.Mount Shuksan, Washington,USA

When it's sunny,you can looking out the Mount Baker when you are in toilet on the camping ground of Mount Shuksan,but the wind is a little big. Mount Shuksan is located in North Cascades National Park,only 19 kilometers away from the Canada border.

2.Toilet island in Belize

Located in Placencia of Caribbean Sea,the only defect is the supplement of tissues is very inconvenient.

3.siloli desert, Bolivia

In the drought desert, you should forget about decoration, ceiling and privacy,but the better is you do not need to line up.Bolivia's Siloli desert are connected to the neighbouring country-Chile's Atacama desert, strong sandstorm had sculptured the “arbol DE Piedra” (stone tree).

4.Mount Kilimanjaro in Barafu camp, Tanzania.

The toilet of Barafu camp is next to the cliffside of Mount Kilimanjaro where is 4600 meter high., British Columbia,Canada

Squat down in the woods like grizzlies,this green compost toilet is located on the north of Lake Sproat in Taylor Arm state park.

6.Jericoacoara Beach, Brazil

Since Jericoacoara beach was evaluated as one of the best seabeach in the world by Washington Post,lots of tourists come to visit this “bright pearl” in the east coast of Brazil,there is sunshine,blue lagoon and large sand dune or everything you suppose to have.And the toilet is build of palm leaf.

7.Thikse Monastery, Ladakh

Ladakh is Tibetan traditional residential areas,a part of China's Tibet in history,located in the southeast of Kashmir,now the vast majority is actual controled by India.

8.Jonsknuten, Norway

Situated in Mount Jonsknute,about 904 metre high,southern in Norway.Just need to open the toilet door,can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

9.Krafla, Iceland

This open-air toilet is located in the interior of Iceland, near to Krafla geothermal power station,it's unbelievable.Who built it?why make it?No one knows.But hikers feel interesting about it,you will see some selfie  or nandscape took in here in Ins occasionally.

10.Fjallabak nature protection area,Iceland

Iceland highland Fjallabak nature protection area, with geothermal hot springs.

11.Sagarmatha Seal Bay Conservation Park, Nepal

The Himalayas’s AMA DABLAM,6812 meters above sea level, extremely beautiful.

12.Monument valley, Utah,USA

Forrest gump, Mission: Impossible, 007 series are filmed here, if you don't mind about pye-dog, the outdoor toilet is very recommended.

13.Djibouti desert

14.The outdoor toilet, British Columbia,Canada

located in Queen Charlotte Islandsthe which is far away.using tidal phenomenon,automatic washing twice a day.

15.Tonto Trail, Amecian Grand Canyon National Park

The composting toilets privacy protection is very limited,located in Arizona's grand canyon park.