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bathroom&kitchen big international event in 2015


( sanitary ware industry, 2015 is destined to be a extraordinary year. whether China or other countries, sanitary ware are experiencing baptism.

Event 1: Apple CEO Cook cross-border investment shower which water saving up to 70%

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Event 2: chinese went to Japan for intelligent toilet cover,but it was produced in Hangzhou,china.

During the Spring Festival in 2015, going to Japan to buy toilet seats become popular events. It has been revealed that the toilet lid was been in demand exceeds supply which was selling in Japanese market. The chinese buyer almost buy all the products which unit price is more than 2000 RMB,never considered the price, even a family of three have bought five three toilet lid. 

But in fact,the toilet cover they bought in Japan was producted in Hangzhou,china. It has revealed the nature of a problem, the same product, people prefer to buy in Japan, but not want to buy in domestic, which not only reflect the short board chinese manufacturering,but also make to know deeply worrying.chinese manufacturering need to transition, just need our common efforts.

Event 3: Bologna exhibition,Italian sanitary ware market showed a trend of decline

Bologna exhibition is an annual feast, attracting a large number of insiders at home and abroad going to learn. Influenced by the overall sanitary environment, this exhibition can feel not only is the size of the exhibition in the narrow, exhibition companies also less and less. And in communication with Italian companies, brand owner worries about the macroeconomic, as well as the struggling of exhibition. Face to the huge Chinese market, Italian brand want enter the chinese market but in puzzled , some enterprises had attended the shanghai kitchen and bath exhibition for two years but little effect. Overall, the Italian design and art inside is still unique in sanitary ware industry, Italian’s design and details, is still worthy of our learning.

Event 4: The Oscar in design, Xiamen international red dot design week 2015

On October 30, 2015, "2015 xiamen international design week - red dot in China" inaugurated in xiamen international conference.Fujian provincial committee, Wang Menghui and other Relevant departments of the leadership had toured this exhibition. The red dot design award, managing director D, euler,introduced the  good winning entries of 2015 German red dot design to Wang. In the first "Good Design in China", Wang heap praise upon and highly affirmed this program

Events 5: TOTO washlet shipments break over 40 million ,popularizing rate in Japan is about 80%

In September, Japan TOTO announced that, their washlet’s shipments in more than 40 million units as of July 2015, it is the first time to break through 40 million in 35 years. TOTO did not release details, but more than 90% of the washlet is regarded as saling in Japan. Popularizing rate of TOTO Washlet, has been close to 80% in Japan, for producers, expand overseas saling is very important to future development.

Now,TOTO through overseas hotels and airport promote installation, to increase the experience of visitor to Japan, improve foreign customers cognition degree.

Event 6: IFA consumer electronics show exhibition, Panasonic show the intelligent mirror which can guide makeup.

IFA consumer electronics show in 2015, smart home furnishing become a bright spot. During the exhibition, Panasonic shows two new smart home devices, customizable makeup smart mirrors and smart bed for monitoring vital signs. The intelligent mirror mirror has a display function, integrated cameras and sensors inside, through the facial recognition software, can lock your facial, analyze the weak areas of facial skin, wrinkles, smile lines and defects, etc. Mirror will recommend how to use the makeup to make you look beautiful according to the situation of detected, mirror at the same time, the intelligent mirror can according to your identity and attending place, to provide the most suitable choice makeup look.

Event 7: the first fully 3D printing faucets by American standard, will appear on the market in the middle in 2016.

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Event 8: LWT announced formal operation,As the world's biggest sanitary ware leader

On April 20, 2015,Japan LWT announced formal operation, become the world's largest sanitary ware leader. LWT is located in Luxembourg, Germany.Lead by GROHE CEO David j. Haines, spread all over the world 150 countries, two major research and development center (Japan and Germany), 50 worldwide factories delivery operation. LWT is member of Lixil Group, as one of Lixil Group core industries, the others are: Lixil house science and technology, Lixil building technology and Lixil kitchen science and technology, which LWT is the most dominant.

Lixil Group, including GROHE, American standard, Joyou and Lixil/Inax, occupied the world's most core market. Sales region including Japan, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Americas and Asia market, every field including four plates of Lixil Group, and emphasis is different.