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2016 Las Vegas kitchen and bathroom exhibition (KBIS)


Las Vegas kitchen and bathroom exhibition (KBIS) opening in 2016, January 19 (local time).

The KBIS and IBS are held in the same period,KBIS mainly in the north hall and south hall. KBIS mainly focus on the U.S. market, exhibitors mainly are United States brand,and some European brands. Like: Kohler, Moen, Delta, TOTO, and Grohe, Villeroy&Boch, and pavilion area is large,occupy the main area of north pavilion. South hall is in the majority with small and medium-sized brand, most Chinese brands are center on this area.Visitors flow rate is more than we think.

Enter KBIS to visit a variety of products, the most intuitive feeling is "big", faucet, sink, toilet,most products are feeling bigger than Shanghai and Frankfurt exhibition.Instead of style,and quality is very high.

First of all, Except the innovation appearance on the bathroom cabinet products, also added more humanized design. They set up detailed function in the drawer, like auxiliary partition, Storage area; Kohler integrated power and cabinet into a whole, Hair dryer is ensconced in the bathroom cabinet.

Kohler: cooperate with it’s sub-brand sterling, KALLISTA, strling,occupy the largest area in the whole exhibition hall.Exhibition floor is divided into smart toilet,bathtub,faucets,showers,integration bathroom,and other areas. Intelligent toilet is on the center position, display core product of intelligent toilet in recent year,

Kallista: kohler sub-brand,extending its high-end positioning, shows the faucets, showers and personality of face basin, bath series products.

Kohler's universal double switch control faucet is its another highlight, two switch can be closed, at the same time,the above faucet can be rotated and stretching, very convenient on cleaning.

      Bathtub,as a started product of Kohler,it is also the key point on the,except traditional bath, there is also massage bath, many kinds of massage spray,at the same time,also there is some innovation on the water nozzle, add the head massage spray

Moen: As a major American kitchenware and bathroom ware manufacturer, Moen showes their faucets,showers and bathroom cabinet.Although we can not see any new technology from Moen,but many people is approbatory of Moen,for their producet and well service.

TOTO: as the most important enterprise in intelligent sanitary ware, TOTO intelligent toilet design have more innovation than last time on Frankfurt exhibition, introduced several new products, more beautiful on lamp design, and add the light system  in toilet cover.more fashionable,have a sense of science and technology.

Grohe:their exhibition stand is next to American Standard very close,but it does not prevent Grohe bring surprise to us, Grohe has brought the sound system  which cooperation with Philip, is very ingenious to mixed it with the shower.

      American standard: this time,American standard use the brand which mixed with DXXV and American,its basin series,concave and convex texture on the surface is very strong.

     BRIZO:Focus on faucet and shower and other hardware producet.

Delta: As a major manufacturers of USA in this exhibition, they mainly promote the smart touch “touch2O” technology.

Cosatal: The shower room manufacturers in USA, partition door is individual.

GEBERIT: Show its ultra-thin water tank product