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2016 Milan international furniture exhibition


(Banyan - faucet manufacturer)On April 12 to 17, 2016, global attention will be focused on Milan international exhibition center for the 55th international furniture fair (Salone del Mobile, Milano), that is a very attractive platform, will show all kinds of high quality products and services. In addition, there will be three fair, a micro movie, an awards ceremony will be held at the same time.

CEO Giovanni de Ponti

This year, Milan international furniture fair (Salone del Mobile, Milano) booth sold out again,proved that it is a can not missed grand meeting once again. As a global platform converge of the latest home products, Milan international furniture fair had been held 55 years, it has always been advocating innovation and internationalization, international exhibitors number continues to grow, now account for 30% of the total enterprises.

Chairman Roberto Snaiedero

"We are ready for the landmark event. Either the top design companies at home and abroad bring a wide range of business opportunities for the show,or atmosphere through the development and innovation of production quality fine, all reveal the exhibition will be a top event, it is also why more and more enterprises, journalists and the public concern about it. Milan international furniture fair (Salone del Mobile, Milano) and Milan have been ready for 300000 viewers from 165 countries around the world," President Roberto Snaidero said.

Milan International furniture fair 2016 (Salone del Mobile, Milano) and International decoration Exhibition (International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition) on April 12 to 17, held in milan International Exhibition center. So far, 145000 square meters of exhibition will usher in more than 1300 exhibitors.

International Kitchen furniture exhibition (EuroCucina) and its attached show FTK (Technology For the Kitchen) will be return and display in 9-11, 13-15 exhibition aera. At the same time, the International Bathroom Exhibition will be display in 22-24 exhibition aera.

International furniture exhibition (EuroCucina) will show the products with high quality most forward in the kitchen field, in order to satisfy growing demand of kitchen utensils and functional for more and more sharp-sighted consumers.Its attached FTK exhibition (Technology For the Kitchen) showed the special such as built-in appliances, smoke lampblack machine and so on technology products, maximize the Kitchen space utilization.

19th SaloneSatellite show will be on display in 13 and 15 galleries, as well as international kitchen furniture exhibition (EuroCucina) can enter into through number 4 door. explore creative young designers under the age of 35, will choose three best design product for prize-giving.

Italian ambassador in China-Ettore Sequi