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3D print faucet


Designer can fully display their imagination by selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing, to make the appearance of more concise and changeful, in a very futuristic style it seems that the water is  from another space. You can never make such faucet If you use the traditional casting technology.

The printing technology of SLS3D the forming principle of is very simple, the 3d model will through a software of section and then turn into a series of thin layer, after that it will sent to the SLS3D printer, the machine will be according to the shape of specified shape to make out a sintered metal powder, and generate 3D objects. Because they do not need any form of support structure, the SLS process can print out almost any shape.

"SLS technology makes the design more convenient, the manufacture method is becoming more and more centralized, this will overthrow the design and construction industry eventually, and other industry. A new business model based on customized design is slowly emerging. This will greatly reduced by using mass production methods to make personalized products of inventory pressure, at the same time opens a new field for design and construction." American standard explains

This time, the preceding new DXV faucet design had complete reverse the original waterway design. SLS technology allows designers to hidden the waterway into a fine structure,it seems to only have adornment effect.Through the elaborate design of several small channel hidden, it is easy to make the water together in the top of the faucet.

And for the third DXV design, designer will make the water itself as a decorative elements furtherly. Initially,waterway design is not different from standard faucet, but the different is the new design have 19 water channel at the top, make water show in front of people is a kind of natural form like a waterfall.

According to the American standard, the DXV series is the first kitchen faucet which totally design by 3D printing. Although they had used FDM 3D printing to test their design, but it is the first time to print by 3D directly. Unfortunately, American standard do not want to lanch the DXV 3D printing faucet on a large scale,they are only going to put it in the some special gallery and proprietary retail stores, and the price of these goods is staggering, is estimated to be between $12000 to $20000. DXV faucet is expected to be listed of in the middle of 2016.