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4 tips to make more wonderful bathroom


Use more mirror to extend space

It is usual to install the mirror in the bathroom, but it is individual if you install two or more mirror in it. Needless to say, this is the simplest adornment method, it will make the space fully clear by reflective effect of the mirror. To find your other side of yourself.

Color tie-in is fashion

Visual enjoyment is more from the collection of color line, tiles,is the largest carrier of that.Insert a tilling in the center on the dark tile ground, Feeling of heaviness for the small space swept away immediately. Protuberance on the surface of the tilling, not only break the horizontal and vertical emphasis, also make metope full of tension. The contrast of color and line, to make small bathroom looks fashionable.

The hanging bathroom ware.

Each space is very precious on the small bathroom, and bathroom goods must also have a place to collect fully. Wall hanging bathroom furniture is a good choice. For example,mirror cabinet, And the wall hanging basin cabinet,not only have a powerful collection function,but also save the space of ground

Glass curtain distinguish inside and outside

Area partitioning in small bathroom is very important for the people who pay attention to details of life. Independent wet and dry area will make the life become orderly. Use shower pannel to make a shower area instead of bathtub