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Development of intelligent bathroom products in 2016


( 2015, in the debate of Japanese toilets and made in China which is better, intelligent toilet become widely know in china.After a year of continuous development, intelligent sanitary’s development momentum cannot be mentioned in the same breath. In 2016, enterprises that defend bath and what are the trends of bathroom sanitary ware in the field of intelligent?

1.Intelligent Unit Bathroom become into a trend

Relative to the other bathroom item, toilet should be a mature item in the space intelligence bath development area. In 2015, each big bath exhibition, intelligent toilet had shower its charm to everyone.From basic function to the evolution of human-computer interaction techniques, it is a exploitation and innovation for user experience. In 2016, the field will be based on the relatively mature toilet, extends to the whole space of bath, make the whole intelligent bath come true.

2.Better smart bathroom ,"heart" will be developed

We cannot do without a equipment which connect all the intelligent products for the whole intelligent bath space, Interconnection and data sharing between the products can be come true through this equipment, to analyze each person's habits and personality preferences through a large number of data, become individual exclusive robot like “Baymax”. This "heart" had been finished by the end of 2015, JOMOO in released this smart magic box“Reou”in silicon valley, in 2016, a better intelligent sanitary ware "heart" will be finished by the top sanitary ware companies.

3.Air Gesture will be have new breakthrough

When you walk into the bathroom, it can determine the user's identity through image recognition technology,at the same time matching the user's habits and preferences, this intelligent experience may be exist in the form of conception, but can look forward the breakthrough of Air Gesture. The intelligent core is simplified and make user experience more efficient, so complex intelligent remote control may be eliminated in the near future, just need through Air Gesture, which can control the smart toilet, shower room and other sanitary products.

4.Voice control, hands free

What we can see on the bathroom applicationg in 2016?It will be Voice intelligent(through the user voice command, to control the bathroom products, hands free. This will be more humanization for certain people (such as the elderly or people with disabilities).

Artificial intelligence is a constantly updated technology, previous, intelligent may be some repetitive mechanical action, and now it can involved in people's thinking and behavior habits. Until 2016, intelligent sanitary ware industry can bring more to consumers.