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Faucet material and construction analysis from the faucet manufacturer

Faucet material and construction analysis from the faucet manufacturer

Banyan,the faucet manufacturer who have 12 year sanitary ware experience.

The main material of faucet body mainly is cast iron, plastic, brass, ceramic, glass, jade, crystal, stainless steel, and alloy material faucets, etc. Cast-iron faucet has been eliminated,some low-end made from plastic, some special faucet use stainless steel, but the faucet that sells on the market now are basically made in brass. Brass is used base on HPb59-1 (national standard brass) lead content under 2.5%,the north American market use low lead brass (AB1953), lead content below 0.2% (general production according to 0.1%). Brass product is given priority to with brass ingots, brass rod and brass pipe.

faucet material

Faucet consists of the main body,valve core,handle,filter,outlet,and installation components, etc. Part of faucet also have Check Valve, aerator,fixed bolts, fixed copper gaskets, bent feet, hose, etc. Different faucet have a little different.

basin faucet profile chart

bathtub faucet profile chart

The hard core of faucet is ceramic disc cartridge. It is the heart of faucet, control the water flow switch, flow rate and mixture ratio of hot and cold water, quality of ceramic disc cartridge decided the faucet functional reliability and service life.

There are rubber valve core, roll shaft valve core, ceramic valve core and ball valve core, and there are 3 kinds such as manual valve core, thermostatic valve core and magnetic valve core.The rubber valve core mainly use for cast iron faucet,but now it has been almost eliminated; ceramic cartridge is a new generation valve material, good sealing performance, stable physical properties,long using life, general requirements can open and close more than 300000 times, according to opening and closing 30 times every day, can be guaranteed no drip for more than 20 years, now sold on the market basically are ceramic valve core faucet.

Ceramic cartridge mainly has 25mm, 35mm, 40mm, 42mm and 47mm five different diameter. Famous brand has Spain SEDAL, Hungary KEROX,German FLUESHS, Italy Hydroplast, Japan's NTK, thermostatic valve mainly are French Vernrt, and Taiwan KCG, Taiwan MJ, Hain Yo,Zhuhai Mingshi in china etc are also widely adopted.

magnetic and ceramic valve core

thermostatic valve core