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Axor starck v won the fashion design award in 2015-2016


(Banyan - faucet manufacturer)Axor is famous in the world of high-end designer brands, its subordinate stark V-transparent basin faucet won the judges on fashion design award in 2015-2016 "INTERPRET TRENDS". head of the Hansgrohe international market JoergPuetz accepted the award on stage as representative of the brand, Mrs.Zhao Bo, Hansgrohe senior marketing manager of China also attended the award ceremony on the same day.

This award-winning basin was design by AXOR and French famous designer Philippe Strarck, with its innovative design, the wonderful technology and strong practical function, regarded as a classic case of perfect combination of art and function since the date of the market, had won international and domestic design, include 2015 Wallpaper*annual design award and so on a series of design authority prizes.

Axor starck V transparent basin faucet with "whirlpool" water way, show the power and beauty of the water.

"We are very honored to get "INTERPRET TRENDS" fashion design award, this is strong recognition to Axor of design ability. Both in the world and in China, Axor has kept a luxury bathroom brand positioning, bring aesthetic enjoyment of life for all its users." JoergPuetz said.

Mr Joerg Puetz accept the award as a representative of the brand

Mrs.Zhao Bo, Hansgrohe senior marketing manager of China also attended the award ceremony on the same day.

As the Axor long-term partner, said the French design master Philip starkey in the fourth cooperation with Axor, named the product after the "V", on behalf of the "Vitality"  and “Vortex”. Axor starck V break the conventional thinking, to that can rotate, removable open nozzle has redefined the basin faucet, use transparent pure safety glass as the main outlet, to simulate the whole process of natural water coming.

Relying on the creative design, Axor starck V can save about 1/3 than than other ordinary faucet.And fully consider the actual user experience, offers a variety of personalized solutions. Can be easily remove vitreous from the base, even can be easily washed in the dishwasher for the durable glass material. In addition, Axor Manufaktur let customers pursue personalization by different cutting effect, custom coating and handle,; And use 15 highly scratch-resistant, resistant to dirty PVD coating to produce theo body of Axor starck V, such as chrome, gold fiber, rose gold, black chromium, nickel, bronze, brass, stainless steel fiber.