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Some upc faucet features you should know

Some upc faucet features you should know

1.Material: main body make of imported low lead brass copper (59-62), brass content is higher than other common faucets, for the material is more outstanding.

2.Casting technology: the products after gravity casting,Internal/external surface is smooth,strong impact resistance

3.Low lead treatment: after low lead treatment,lead content is less than 1-2 ug,beyond NSF61 drinking water health standards, get CUPC certification and NSF certification

4.Electroplating technology:coating should be combined with good appearance,surfacet is balance and smooth. After coating adhesion test, not allowing peeling and falls off phenomenon.Coating must pass the acid salt spray test for 24 hours, and no corrosion. Film thickness requirements: NI≧12 microns, Cr≧0.25 microns. Using PVD space thin film deposition technology to make the products which finished in NP, bright nickel, chromium fog (ST), titanium (YP) have a hard surface, never wear and tear.Chrome plated surface pass 24 hours acid salt spray test and adhesion test,meet national standards.

5.Valve core: we use imported ceramic valve core(like Sedal), ceramic pieces is make of more than 95% alumina, surface roughness < 0.2 um, hardness HV5 > 1000, ensure the wear life up to 500000 times. Hand feeling is smooth and steady

6.Water-saving: unique structure of aerators design, make the air and water to mix adequately,saving 30% water than other common aerators in per minute,saving 50% water than which without aerator.

7.Water flow is soft: aerator make of stainless steel body and with 5 levels stainless steel wire, the wire material is made of EPDM (NSF certification), water flowed is soft,non-branching, no splash, water column like cone-shaped spouts,elegant appearance.

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