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Bathroom cabinet design in Cevisama 2016


(Banyan - faucet manufacturer)The 34th Spanish ceramic sanitary ware exhibition was successfully held on February 1-5, attracted bathroom industry professional exhibitors and buyers from all over the world. It is understood that "bath and kitchen equipment" in the show is the second column refer to "brick of pottery and porcelain" in this exhibition, share and status are also increased year by year.

Let’s have a look at some bathroom cabinet design in Cevisama 2016.

The shape of the mirror and the shape of the desk tray and the bathroom cabinet like a whole, concise and symmetrical of fashion sense

Complete and distinctive modelling, contains both dry towel rack, storage layer, the desktop for storage, also has widgets to put the cup for gargle, the intelligent faucet on the basin which is modelling delicate and powerful is punchline

Golden pattern from the mirror spread to the bathroom cabinet, classical and luxurious

Simple smooth lines highlighted the temperament of whole bathroom cabinet, compose with golden pattern, add the stereo feeling and luxury

Still is white gold match, the modelling of this bathroom cabinet is more retro.

Contracted style has been popular

Although the modelling is simple, but coloring of the drawer is quite creative, Layer-Layer progressive, wood grain texture is like concealed, exhibition hall layout also sends out a bit taste of American bathroom cabinet.

      Hey!Your bathroom cabinet slanting, no, this era is slanting

       Is also a kind of state to cut through complexity, choose the appropriate ceramic tile, whole exhibition hall become more show atmosphere

Cabinet modelling but have strong prower for receiving,easy to build a warm home atmosphere.

Has been tired of watching boxy bathroom cabinet? To change the new tricks. Sleek semicircle bathroom cabinet, suitable for home which have the family of old person or child, reduce injuries,to create the space that defend bath safer

Appearance can be simple, but must have inherent, simple square pile structure, can also create unique bathroom cabinet

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Concave-convex squares modelling can arouse your childhood memories of playing rubik's cube?

Trapezoidal design bathroom cabinet, extremely rich contemporary sense.

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