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The different of $100 bathroom products and $500


( many consumers would ask: why the price is $500,and some others is $100 for the same product? although you are a famous brand goods, but the price is quite different.

In fact, the answer is obvious. For example,You go to buy clothes, there is piece of $50, also,there is price of $500-$1000. So what's different between them?

The differences of raw materials.

The products for $100,usually cheating on workmanship and materials, the product for $500,have more guaranteed for production quality. such as manufacturing material and process. When you go to the clothing store to buy clothes, $50 clothes,may be use the most cheap and simple cloth to make it.but the $500 one will use the superior cloth,even the fur(though not recommended).

Brand effect

The bathroom products which worth $500, it may be the brand goods(not exclude counterfeit products).So how to verify? You can search it on Google, you can find detail information, even there are review! Although the products looks the same. But, this is the most direct, brand effect.such as DIOR perfume is expensive,but you may find an other perfume which is not brand goods,but smell like the same,and price is more cheaper. What is the key?I think you can figure it out.

The difference between design
The product which worth more money than other,must have product designers, to improve the design,like on color,function,collocation and application. Generally, many cheap bathroom products do not have designer or formal manufacturering, most of them are copied from other companies products.

For example, brand shop of clothes is expensive, but are limited edition.If you bought on the street,you will find many people have the same clothes like yours.

Different of after-sales service

Products have value-added usually can provide perfect after-sales service, it is support by brand and value.Those cheap ones,have no time and no cost to help you do after-sales service, especially the individual workshop. For clothes, such as leather store,will offers free maintenance service, this is the truth