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Carpet maintenance knack


       (Banyan - faucet manufacturer)Carpet can make of many different material, as the growth of the using time, can appear the situations such as dirt, fade, breakage, family hostess may feel trouble about it. But in fact,there is methods and tricks in cleaning the carpet.


      Carpet cleaning is difficult because don't pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times, if can always pay attention to, can avoid unnecessary problems, so as to decrease the times of cleansing and prolong the service life of carpet.

First of all, should be avoided by high-light exposure for a long time, the sun is the most intense bleaching agent, in order to keep the carpet is beautiful and durable, should try to avoid hard light which can cause aging and fading.

Second is to avoid abrasion ,Whatever hard objects or furniture, will damage on the carpet. Furniture should change their position usually, avoid scratching when using a vacuum cleaner.

Also, should avoid carpet touch with chemicals,whatever use detergents or skin care product,be careful.

To do dust removal work at least two to three times a week


In the carpet cleaning problems, the most headache should be carpet blot, The decontamination cleaner on the market is often strong alkali acid chemical preparation, have damage to the carpet.

Recommend a few home-made carpet cleaner, help the housewives processing carpet stains safer, more environmentally friendly

One is , the flour, mix flour,salt and gesso in a ratio of 6:1 ,then add water and into a paste, heating, sprinkle it in the dirt arpet when it comes cool, rolling into a powder, covered with dirt, and then use the vacuum suction powder.

The other is, preparing a teaspoon of detergent and vinegar, put into a container with heating water,become mixture solution, extraordinary efficacy to deal with the dirt of alcohol, blood, chocolate chip, gravy, coffee, fruit, mud, and even urine,drop it in besmirch place, when the carpet is dry, use vacuum cleaner to clean.


       Effect of fading and indentation is carpet problem. Even you maintained very carefully, the color of the carpet will not be the color of the past after a long time.

       A small coup is put the salt on the carpet until the next day ,use warm cloth to wipe the salt out, the color t will be restored unabated.

       As for indentation, you can choose to use gas steam, the steam generated by the iron on the carpet surface, but not directly contact the carpet fibers, to avoid melt fiber