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China sanitary ware city will be upgrade


(Faucet manufacturer)Kaiping shuikou China sanitary city, that is a sign of kaiping sanitary ware in the opening period, Now no longer popular, many units was deserted. Now the sanitary ware city availability is less than thirty percent,and the customers is far between. According to related statistics, city average number of customers now only hundreds, "the high vacancy rate", "not popular", to make China sanitary city into "empty city", is experiencing a difficult labor.

China sanitary city, located in the shuikou town center area, is the landmark building  of shuikou town. As the "store" in the "front shop, back factory" model in shuikou town sanitary ware industry, is always the "image window". Since 2001, had been held nine consecutive terms here in China plumbing sanitary equipment exhibition fair. In December of 2010, China shuikou sanitary equipment trademart, officially changed its name to China sanitary city.

There is about 4000 sanitary ware enterprises and shops in shuikou, in the early, it is a national modern professional market which provides a set of product display, trade, business services, information release, and other functions for domestic and foreign buyers, suppliers

However, since the international financial crisis started in 2008, kaiping sanitary ware industry in the cold winter, many manufacturers are hard to run, as for increase income and reduce expenditure, have to colse their shop in China sanitary city, also the customer flow volume is low, it make a few manufacturer have no intested to open a shop in there.

For the reason is, except export reduced,domestic sales also encountered difficulties, and kaiping sanitaries ware mainly are small-scale processing enterprises,not many of them have their own brand of enterprise, and thus the other, it is difficult to them to compare with other counterparts

Kaiping shuikou town has also deeply worried. But now shuikou town is building a  innovation base for small micro enterprise business,as an opportunity to implement the upgrade of the city of bath.shuikou town government, will invest 64 million yuan to transform China sanitary city

The next three years, China sanitary city will be upgrading, improving public services and other supporting functions. In 2015 ,the first floor in China sanitary city  had been planning, upgrading, play a role of "shops + exhibition"; In 2016 is going to build a plumbing exhibition center about the sanitaru ware historical of shuikou, the center covers an area of about 1200 square meters, will focus on the shuikou town plumbing sanitary ware industry development, industry advantage, brand construction and planning for the future development, and built one of the national demonstration center with industry characteristics

In 2017, will improve the sanitary city public service function, and add product certification center and foreign trade transformation and upgrading of base station, the quality and safety management center, as well as accounting, legal consulting service center, product process design and industry communication research center, e-commerce services, etc.

The goverment will also attempt implement "manufacturing, commercial and tourism" diversified business model, which focus on the industrial culture elements of kaiping sanitary ware industry, tourism culture and commerce.

Measures as follows:

1.on the square in front of China sanitary city construction, Going to build the largest faucet in the world on the square in front of China sanitary city which design need to be have certain artistic taste, and will declare the guinness book of world records;

2.plans to collect hundreds of faucet in different parts of the world and different various periods ,and the embedded in "towers",all of them will put in the museum which will be built in the square ware in china sanitary ware;

3.There will be elegant wood plastic, corridor construction food, arts and crafts