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Comparison of Chinese faucets sanitary ware production areas


China faucet sanitary ware production areas are mainly concentrated in Zhejiang,Fujian,Guangdong provinces.In Zhejiang provinces,sanitary ware enterprises mainly in Wenzhou,Taizhou,also in Jiande and Tonglu.In Fujian Province,sanitary ware enterprises mainly concentrated in Quanzhou,Nanan AND Xiamen.In Guangdong,concentrated in Kaiping and Heshan city of Guangdong.They are known as the production of faucets hardware sanitary ware industry,however, local culture,style,form,characteristic are very different.Here,let's try to discuss the difference of three major production areas.


Wenzhou’s faucet hardware products are as the same as its smallware, with a low cost and low price to occupy the market in the begining,lacking of brand consciousness.For the export rebates policy, mass amd scale production for export products,wenzhou appeared a batch of foreign trade enterprises.Due to the domestic market gradually occupied by Fujian and Guangdong enterprises, Wenzhou and Taizhou’s faucet hardware basically are export.At present,Wenzhou and Taizhou has tens of thousands hardware sanitary ware companies.Part of sanitary ware enterprise had into a maelstrom of group lending,financing like Fujian sanitary ware enterprise.Although Negative effects is not big than Nanan,but also make bruised.The different is:wenzhou people does not put all the money into enterprise,with mobility and flexible,so basically can head off a danger.In addition,for more than a year,part of the export enterprises in Wenzhou affected by Russia's economy,to make business even more difficult.In a word,Wenzhou need transformation and upgrading.It like to earn a quick buck, like short,adaptable and fast,but has its own characteristic is a "live" word.


There are Xiamen and Quanzhou two hardware sanitary ware production areas in Fujian, a small quantity but in great scale.The enterprise sale can reach several hundred million,up to dozens of million,source are from Taiwan,internationalization characteristics is significantly,basically export OEM products.Quanzhou’s sanatary ware enterprises concentrated in Nanan which is contrary to xiamen.One is there are thousands of companies,mainly small and medium-sized enterprises,the other is mainly sold to domestic market,has a huge sales force and strong domestic sales network,attaches great importance to the brand.

After 2008,due to the impact of US subprime crisis,the development speed of national sanitary ware industry become slowdown,But Nanan’s sanitary ware industry instead of increasing investment,to speed up the pace of development, along with acceleration is financing loans, including folk financing and enterprise loan to the bank,and at that time,Nanan had expand their production line like sanitary ware,bathroom cabinet,shower room and so on,become the whole sanitary region.In 2014,after CCTV report that some Nanan sanitary ware enterprise illegal fund-raising,Banks tighten lending,private finance was returned,Nanan sanitary ware enterprises were heavy hit.


Compare to the trade enterprise in wenzhou, Jiangmen enterprise is a typical manufacturing enterprise. Although wenzhou and jiangmen are mainly in OEM and export-oriented.In Kaiping and heshan,the material is genuine,perfect craftsmanship is the lead in industry,enjoy a good reputation for quality,some sanitary ware enterprises had also tried to occupy the domestic market, but strength and speed is not big,so effect is not obvious. Jiangmen sanitary ware enterprises are doing product extension in recent years, from hardware plumbing to bathroom cabinet, sanitary ware,shower room.Foshan and Jiangmen enterprise is similar as their quality consciousness, the different is levels of brand. Heshan’s sanitary ware enterprises are center on Zhishan town,Kaiping sanitary ware enterprises concentrated in Shuikou town,almost as a whole. But Shuikou sanitary ware enterprise’s scale,quantity,strength in bigger than Zhishan’s.Now both are bulilding kitchen and bathroom sanitary ware city, for cultivating local brand.