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You may never know these classic bathroom products in 20 century

You may never know these classic bathroom products in 20 century

Compared with entertainment, catering, FMCG industry,sanitary industry is so low profile.But Banyan believe that everyone is no stranger to bath product, mention faucet,everyone will think of hot and cold faucet,referred to toilet, everyone will think of buttons flush function,mention intelligence,everyone will think of intelligent toilet cover.

Next, will list some classic bath products in the last century,for their presence,more and innovative sanitary ware products had became,to make people's lives more convenient.

HCG Alps series in 1980

Toilet is quite rare in the 1980s,is limited by the complicated manufacturing process,there is less than five manufacturers can produce independent toilet. And then,HCG had made the Alps first product - low cistern mute independent toilet after 18 months,thousands of adjustment test.And first Alps ahd created sales of 100000 sets, and created the hot-selling for more than 20 years, Accumulative total sales up to 38 million.

HCG Alps series


In the early 1960s,Bedet industry put forward a question that,body should be cleaned if dirty,should be cleaned hands after toilet,so,if wash buns is more clean and comfortable?In 1964,TOTO began to research and development the product which can water washing after toilet in convenient,through hundreds of thousands of testing and improving,WASHLET came out in 1980.It subvert the traditional way of using toilet,water washing instead of paper,to bring clean and comfortable bathroom experience for consumers all over the world.


TOTO,always leading technology trend more than 30 years,WASHLET constantly blend in advance humanization intelligence technology. Global sales breakthrough 40 million in 2015 years. For the first time pushout since 1980, Break through 40 million sales volume after 35 years.TOTO did not release details, but more than 90% WASHLET was considered had been sale in Japan. WASHLET’s popularizing rate has been close to 80% in ordinary families, has been close to 80% in Japan,for manufacturers,expand overseas sales will be the future development.

WASHLET total shipments from 30 million to 40 million,spent four and a half years.At the beginning of the 1980,most consumers did not the habit of "wash buns".But you can compare, from the initial to 10 million shipments,it took 18 years.

Moen: in 1939,the first hot and cold faucet

In Seattle,1937,AI Moen was studying studied mechanical engineering in university,one day,he get burned when he was washing hands under an old double handle bibcock,this make him to find a better way for outlet.Two years later, he finally completed a revolutionary invention which change pipeline industry and daily water supply:single hand hot and cold water mixer faucet,people was mentioned in the same breath with Edison invented the light bulb and Bell invented the telephone,was awarded by internationally famous "FORTUNE" magazine as the 100 the best inventions 20th-century in American.For more than seventy years,Moen's history made the world faucets and plumbing equipment industry change constantly and revolutionary,every footprint as the milestone of modern faucet industry, creating a legend of space and water.

AI Moen photo

When AI recall this particular night, he said: "it makes me thinking, faucet should let people to control water temperature do as their wishes.When I think this matter further,I more sure that single hand mixer faucet is the solution to this problem, so I began to draw the drawings.”

It was born a immortal patent from these drawings.Since then,AI Moen is recognized as the pioneers to change people’s water using experience.

MOEN brand’s establishment is quite legendary, with strong technological inventions.In the next nearly century,MOEN inheriting and carrying forward to the spirit of unremitting pursuit to technological innovation.In 1950,through Hotpoint’s first precasting single handle kitchen faucet,MOEN was recognized by all over United States;In 1959,MOEN’S single handle kitchen faucet was awarded one of the best design by Fortune.In 1979,MOEN launched double handle faucet,with patent no mat valve.By 1982,AI Moen had invented more than 75 patents.whereafter,Space coating technology,pull out faucet follow control system,fingerprint proof coating,sensor faucet and a series of technologies and products appeared one after another,had won the "most valuable product award", "2008 crystal achievement award", "WaterSense® manufacturer partner of the year award" and so on.

Kaldewei:3.5 mm thick steel plate bathtub

Since 1973, when the enamel technology has been applied in industrial products,it has become the only standard of bathtub and shower tray quality.In Germany's Allen town, Kaldewei products have been exported to all over the world from here. Each Kaldewei bathtub and shower tray is made of unique materials:Kaldewei 3.5 mm steel enamel. This kind of material made each Kaldewei products is steadiness.

Kaldewei 3.5 mm thick steel plate bathtub

With functions of self-cleaning,Kaldewei stoneware glaze surface treatment which is a patent protection material, has become a conventional material in many types of bathtub and shower tub products.

In order to meet people’s pursuing of bathroom quality and personalized continuously,Kaldewei is committed to provide full of variety and high quality products for users,more than two hundred colorful products Now,Kaldewei has from a traditional bathtub and shower tub factory developed into a system supplier,can offer Integrated solutions for bathtub,shower and health care.

Hansgrohe: invent the first adjustable hand shower in 1968

In 1953,Hansgrohe launched the world's first lift shower rod (Unica).

In 1968, Selecta,the world's first adjustable handheld shower is come out, and was quickly rushed to imitate,it is the product which is by imitating the most.

In 1974, Hansgrohe had createe the world's first four color adjustable three atomizing handheld shower,had won many international awards.

Hansgrohe adjustable hand shower

After 100 years of development, Hansgrohe growth from a manual workshop become world-renowned sanitary ware manufacturer and exporters, is synonymous with high-end and grade, is the tremendous motive force for world's bath and kitchen equipment development. With hundred years of experience of Inheritance and the enterprise management idea "environmental protection, innovation, guide, design", Hansgrohe provide perfect bathroom solution with superb technology, unique design and diversification of products.After years of development,Hansgrohe subordinate three brands have different styles and types meet the changing needs of bathroom and kitchen products.