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closestool production process


(Banyan-faucet manufacturer)closestool as one of the important household equipment, according to the data survey, 70% innovation inspiration are all come up with sitting on the toilet.But most people have never really understand it. Now I want to show you the production process of the closetool.

The first step,pulp making, materials must be make of high refractoriness plasticity high-quality kaolin and powdery quartz.

Pour slurry mixture what had been mixed into prepared plaster mould through professional equipment infusion.

After more than three and a half hours filling process, embryo shape is basically in place.

according to the engineers,only after die blanks of plaster mould finalize the design, can open the mold and remove the mould billet, and the worker will check and repair the mould billet.

Every toilet die blanks apply with a mask. According to the engineer's introduction: because toilet mould billet in the process of drying, due to the structure different,the base part drying speed faster than in other areas, in order to prevent cracks for air drying speed is consistent, so every colsestool have a moisturizing facial mask.

After 7 to 15 days constant temperature drying,the die blanks will be sent to the glazing workshop.

Glazing is a very important link, glazing layer itself has: waterproof, easy to clean, sterilize, pollution resistance, etc, glazing layer also have a certain amount of radioactive. Long time using is extremely harmful to human body

So we should choose the brand closestool,for they has two original radiation protection technology: one, using nanometer self-cleaning glaze,enhance self-cleanliness, effectively reduce the radiation; second, glazing process all adopt the special 1.5 mm small spray gun, make the glazing layer more lightness, uniform, no water seepage,also reduce radiation from the source.

After glazing,next it will send to the special high temperature kilns for firing,high temperature furnace roughly divided into two kinds:

the first is: traditional artificial control high-temperature kiln account for over 80%, lower temperature,only about 1000 , furnace temperature difference is big, the production product quality is unstable.

The second is: computer control high temperature furnace, furnace temperature as high as 1260 , kiln temperature difference is less than 5 , high cost but product quality is stable.

After 12 hours of waiting, finally saw the closestool which coming out of the high temperature furnace. But it still need many strict testing and installation fittings and cover plate

The first test: vacuum leak checking;to check if there is a bubble or porosity through high pressure gas

The second test: water testing, glaze testing, fitting testing