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Creative bathroom design

Creative bathroom design

1.Flexible and decontamination cleaning brush for kitchen and bath

Fitting the shape, special-shaped surface such as metal pipe and faucet also can thoroughly clean, very convenient.

2.One-piece intelligent toilet

Automatic flush dry, warm seat,happiness every day

3.waterproof glue for toilet,kitchen countertop,ground or bathtub.

It ususlly be used for the blind angle in the Janpan hotel bathroom

4.automatic toothpaste with Toothbrush rack

Convenient for family use, vertical toothbrush rack is more health

5.Ikea door type

make full use of small space, can hang some bathroom cloth or soft brush

6.Ikea multi-purpose sanitary basin hook

Gently lift can automatically hook, convenient and health. Don't worry about the basins have no space to place.

7. Aqueduck Assistant for children washing hand

Essential for family which have children,hand washing clean.

8.The automatic intelligent toilet seat pad paper

Automatic paper feed.Very convenient when you have guest or in period


For me the most happiness thing in the world is having a bubble bath and brush with warm dry towel in the evening after a busy day,in addition to enjoy food from all over the world.

10.Toilet paper shelf

The practical design; never afraid of your mobile phone will fall into the toilet!

11.LED lamp inside mirror

Annular light source can let you face in front of the mirror by light evenly, can make you have a good mood when you are in washing or make-up.

12.Grinding soap rack

added similar rub silk machine structure under the soap holder which be used in the kitchen, when you wash your hand,just with a pull a send rub silk machine, you will get lots of soap in small particles. Never come up that everybody has to touch the soap for their shower.

13.Handheld mini washboard