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Different size of different shower room


(Banyan-professional faucet manufacturer)In bathroom decorated,the first thing to do is how to choose and buy the bathroom product. Now more and more people use shower room, however, how to choose and buy shower room has become a top issue for the consumer. But different shower room have different size,also the bathrooms are not of uniform size. Now let me show you the different size of the shower room.

The shower room on the market have type of arc-shaped, fanshaped, diamond-shaped, square and so on.If you have a big bathroom,you can choose anyone what you like,also be on the basis of the comfortable and beautiful effect.Different type of shower room have corresponding size, the following is different models corresponding shower room size.

Arc segment shower room size:

Standard arc segment shower room size: 900*900㎜,900*1000㎜,900*1200㎜,1000*1000㎜,1000*1300㎜,1000*1100㎜,1200*1200,the standard height is 1950mm and 1900mm.

Arc segment shower room

The diamond shaped shower room size:

Standard diamond shaped shower room size: 900*900*1950mm900*1200*1950mm1000*1000*1950mm1200*1200*1950mm

The square shower room size:

Standard size: 800*1000*1950 mm900*1000*1950 mm1000*1000*1950 mm

diamond shaped shower room

The fan shower room size:

Standard size: 900*900㎜,900*1000㎜,900*1200㎜,1000*1000㎜,1000*1300㎜,1000*1100㎜,1200*1200.

fan shower room for adults use,the size is 900 * 900 commonly, if not consider comfort level, fan shower room can be make in minimal size 800 * 800 ,it is the minimum size.

Of course, you can choose choose the not standard room size which can be customized,like the fan shape,the radian can be customized,non-standard size 850 * 900 * 1950 mm, 950 * 950 * 1950 mm, 950 * 1000 * 1950 mm, 900 * 1100 * 1950 mm.If you want to achieve maximum utilization,any size can be customized according to your requirement.Just more trouble,and more expensive.

Usually the ceiling height is 2400 mm,so the shower room height is about 1800 mm to 2000 mm, also can adjust the actual space height according to your family, need to pay attention to the place  of the shower, if too low, it is easy to splash out, if too high,will affect the permeability.