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Disadvantage and advantage intelligent toilet


(By Banyan)With the improvement of people's life quality requirements, intelligent bidet seat had entered innumberable families, however, for those who have not used intelligent closestoolt, they can not help but ask:is that really useful? What are the advantages of that?

In general, intelligent closestoolt hip washing use the unique vortex spinning bubble nozzle, has the massage effect and promote the blood circulation, completely clean feeling, avoid bacterial breed,also can adjust flow magnitude according to personal preference, and water temperature can be adjusted in 32-38 degrees; And intelligent toilet seat have electric heating device, temperature can be can be adjusted in 25-40 degrees, even in cold weather, also can make users warm and comfortable.

The advantages of intelligent toilet seat

1.More healthy,by water washing

Every time after using the toilet, washing function of paper clean, can destroy bacteria, fungi or parasites which can cause infectious disease viruses,also play a massage effect.Portable sprinkler, Removable sprayer meet the demand of different flushing of the men and women. Use its function of warm water and warm wind to do cleaning and drying, can stimulate the capillaries to promote blood circulation, in long-term using,can also prevent constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases

2.Will not feel cold

In cold season, the cold toilet seat make tremble with fear,and intelligent toilet seat cover can be automatically heated to a suitable temperature of human body. Many brands also introduced a temperature control seat, with a different type, can adjust temperature according according to  personal preference or geography and weather, no longer afraid of cold feeling

3.Self-cleaning, deodorant, save electricity

Many intelligent toilet seat covers are made of stainless steel nozzle, most professional brand produced it with self-cleaning function,it mean that, nozzle will spit out waterfall water flow after using,the, Remove from the dirt.

Many intelligent toilet seat cover also have deodorization function, its principles is using the built-in light catalyst and activated carbon to eliminate peculiar smell.

In addition, in the long time when not in use, the toilet seat cover will automatically reduce the water temperature, saves the electricity

Disadvantage of intelligent toilet seat

1.Cover plate is not applicable to all toilet

Although the toilet set ncorporate intelligence, sense of humanity, science and technology, but not all of the toilet are applicable. Now,the smart toilet seat is designed for circular arc form toilet, it is rare to see it for the square toulet seat.

Second, intelligent toilet has limit of the front seat distance, distance between mounting holes and so on.

2.Difficult to repair

As a electrical products,its internal motor and integrated circuit content have highe science technology ,so the price is high. In addition, if it is broken and out of the warranty period, the maintenance costs is not cheap.

3.Hard to operate for old man and children.

On one side of the intelligent toilet are often equipped with operation panel, or are equipped with remote control with many complex function button. If in wrong operation, might be not able to achieve such as water, heating, deodorization effect successfully, even may cause the circuit malfunction.

Intelligent toilet usful?

1.All light touch keys design

2.Self-cleaning nozzle

3.Two sprayers for men and women

4.Mute and slowly-closing function

5.ntelligent saving power

6.Seat induction

Electromagnetic proximity sensor, , flushing switch won't start before sit on, don't worry about pressing wrong switch, very human.

7.Antibacterial seat

How to choose the intelligent toilet?

1.To see the shape can meet your home decorate style or not,Some have automatic constant temperature device, seemingly humanized function design,but will Spent a lot of electricity, causing a lot of unnecessary waste, so should be careful if you want to bu this type.

2.Check the glaze,to see is bright and clean smooth without foaming or not; Choosing intelligent toilet, many peope tend to be more focus on functional, while ignoring the distance from sitting seat to the ground.Actually, sitting distance too short will cause a lot of inconvenience, like will feel legs badly for long time sitting.

3.Check the fitting quality by listen to the voice of button, clear and melodious or not.

Second when choosing intelligenttoilet, must according the function your want, not all functions is good, in fact, many functions may be never used