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Enliten intelligent faucet


Faucet as prerequisite products at home, everybody is very familiar with it. In recent years, the traditional faucet has failed to keep pace with the development of times, many consumers are looking for a more intelligent faucet. Recently, foreign stylist gives us a creative intelligent faucet - Enliten, not only has elegant appearance, but also water-saving effect is very outstanding.

At the top of the faucet,there is a very intuitive LED display. Users just need to touch, it can easily out of the water.When use cold water,the display will appear blue;use hot water,will become red, very perceptual intuition.

Red state for hot water

In order to advocate the concept of saving water, the designer had deep consideration.You can free setting the out water time and waterflow,to remind users the purpose of water-saving.

Users can choose water yield, the more black mean more water.

structural picture

It is worth to mention that the faucet has high speed switching device, such as just after use the hot water, can instantly into cold water output. In general opinion, the new intelligent faucet function is very rich, also advocated the concept of water-saving environmental protection, is worth popularization