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The faucet heavy metal pollution is inevitable


(Banyan - faucet manufacturer)

Material: brass, remind:brass content is not equal to quality.

Faucet usually make of brass alloy on the market at present, this is mainly because brass casting metal liquidity is good, at the same time not easy oxidation. Relative to steel and other materials, such as stainless steel,market proportion is very low,and one important point is brass itself has natural antibacterial activity, compared to other materials is more suitable for making faucet, and brass alloy have different grades which mean different copper content, whatever which grades the brass alloy is,it is a qualified products just you can pass the national standards.and brass content just can explain the costs of conversion, does not mean the quality is good or bad.

Shower heads are most common in hardware market, at present,most the shower head is on the market is make of plastic, some imported products are made of brass,the difference mainly in the production process, the cost, but are not comparable in terms of quality and, in addition it is important to note that the metal contaminant standards in our country at present is only for wash basin and kitchen faucets, not include like shower head.

Process: heavy metal pollution is inevitable,reminded: just draw off the water for a moment

For brass alloy and stainless steel faucets the problem of heavy metal exceeding, the researchers told us, whether material or process may result in heavy metal exceeding, in technology, mainly cause by electroplating,but the main source is form material itself, by injecting a small amount of lead can improve the cutting performance of brass, so the brass faucet is easy to come up with the problem of exceeding.and generally stainless steel faucet often contains no lead, but the cadmium or other heavy metal.But it is not completely lead-free when it says no lead, the plumbum precipitation values is not more than 5 micrograms per liter according to national standard. If the faucet unused for a period of time, should be to drain first.let out the water that store up in the faucet.

Valve core: the core is the key of faucet,remind: choose a comfortable sense of damping

The faucet price difference is big, mainly is in the valve core. Now usually use ceramic valve core for good wear resistance and low cost

Same ceramic valve core, but ceramic is different in hardness, wear-resisting degree,good valve core is not only high hardness, wear-resisting degree is strong, long service life, at the same time, the adjustment of the valve core performance is better, in the process of using,it can be controll better.And good valve core,even under the condition of high pressure still can effectively prevent the leakage of water, also can reduce the noise brought by water. The faucet in the normal manufacturer production quality basic no problem. In addition to the differences of material, the most important still is the differences of structure, process, design