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Something you have to know in bathroom decoration


Bathroom is the place where we use most daily, so particularly pay attention to decoration, thoughtful in everywhere.But you will find many what we had not considered in decoration after we finished it, such as socket is not enough,shower height is wrong and so on. Expectation at first,now only regret and helplessness

bathroom decoration waterway

First,for the waterway

Bathroom is the place use the most water, so must consider about the waterway design before decoration,make a good plan.For fear that it is not enough. Here I compiled a simple list for reference, of course,can be adjusted according to your own actual situation.

Waterway design in Bathroom washing machine faucet

2.One bibcock for mop pool (although many families will not make a mop pool when decorating,but had better install a faucet is used for washing cloth, etc)

3.The water heater inlet and outlet(this is must be)

4.One toiletconnector

5.Hot and cold water mouth for basin

6.two water floor drain

bathroom decoration things need to have

Circuit should not be neglected

Circuit is always the top priority of decoration, with the increasing of home appliance, there is more and more demands for circuit, so as bathroom.Reserve a socket beside or behind the toilet when decorating,mainly considering that it is possible to use smart toilet or can use for hair dryer,of course, the place is not absolutely fixed, can be adjusted according to personal habits.

bathroom decoration electric way

As for the water heater switch,had better to make as switch panel control, in order to reduce excess loss on unplug; also advocate that the lamp and fan switch install out of the bathroom.Besides waterwat and electricity,there is some other things also need to be pay attention to, and here I also picked out some important for everyone.

Bathroom sink, toilet plumbing need to install the angle valve (angle valve can effectively regulate the water pressure, at the same time can play a role of switch, if the faucet is leaking,you can turn off the angle valve, don't have to shut the master valve), convenient for maintenance after check-in.

To check if had installed the exhaust duct or sealing When installing fan, this step is essential for bathroom decoration, to prevent the smell can not go out in the future.Many families found floor drain is impeded, drainage is not effective after check in.This is because the floor drain hose test was not done after installation, worker will fall cement into the sewer careless,it become solidification after a long time, cause the clogging.So have to do hose testing after installed floor drain immediately.

About floor drain

Floor drain have better to Locate in the middle of the four ceramic tile, not only can make beautiful cutting,also four ceramic tile can be a natural slope like floor drain, avoid hydrops.

When installing water heater, have better to avoid cutting ceramic tile, if not, not only the water heater is hard to be hang , and is very difficult to modify, have to open ground and metope, time-consuming.

bathroom decoration floor drain

Finally, different family have different habits,this is just for reference, can be properly adjusted according to their own situation.