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How to check and accept sanitary ware

How to check and accept sanitary ware

1.Check the bathtub

Check whether dripping after the bathtub filled with water

2.Drainage: check whether unobstructed

3.floor drain checking

Eligibility requirements or not, labber on the ground, the water should flow to the floor drain, and no residue.

4.Shower room assembly process should be in strict accordance

The assembled shower room is neat and bright appearance, the doors is parallel, perpendicular, bilateral symmetry, the two doors should be open convenient, without aperture and no leakage.the gap between shower room and shower tub should be sealed bysilica gel, to prevent water seepage.

5.Basin checking

Basin’surface should be level, cold and hot water connector should be located in the basin bottom, cold and hot water on-off or faucet has obvious identification marks.Topmount basin should be firm,and undermount basin should be support stably by solid wood cabinets,if no cabinet,should be fixed it on the wall by iron stand,at the same time,need to make a 8-12cm breakwater,at last,sealed arrond the basin and wall by silica gel,no leakage.

6.Toliet checking

Mainly checking the distance of toliet hole from pipeline is reasonable or not, if the distance too small,water tank will into wall, if too far,will left a big distance between the toliet and wall.Toliet should be fixed by expansion bolt,no wood screw,the toliet bottom can not fixed by cement,the right way is to use silica gel, to ensure watertight performance.

Some toliet use sealing rubber gasket to fixed,and sealed by silica gel. Checking can use manual test method, pay attention to if there is oscillation phenomenon. Toliet and tank installation position should be accurate. Distancerandom error should not be over than 10mm.

7.Bathtub tub checking

Bath installation checking is important, not only need to meet use standard, if there is any leakage accidents will bring trouble to your neighbour. So bathtub checking should be divided into two phases:

First,Should take water testing several times after installation is finished.flushing is unobstructed, look around if there is leakage, no leakage can pass.

Second,Bathtub outfall should be directly connetc with drain, avoid connect by plastic hose, not to make a open trench drain away water and sealed by silica gel (The place against the wall may come out finedraw after a long time service for human body overloading and Water dynamic load)

8.Sanitary ware

connecting pipe can not have the defects. pressure pipe and outlet connections must be tight, without leakage.