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How to install the wash basin


( - faucet manufacturer) Wash face and brush your teeth are going to do every day, install a Beautiful and practical wash basin in your bathroom can make you in good mood every days. So what we should noticed when we are going to install the wash basin? Now most consumers will ask decorate worker to finish that,but if you have the operational ability, why not to try to install it by yourself?Even you really don’t like it, gain everything and lose nothing to know about,isn’t it?

1. The surface of wash basin should be flat and nondestructive,diameter of drain cock overflow hole should be not less than 8 mm

2. when connecting drain plug with wash basin,the overflow hole of drain plug should aim the bleed hole of wash basin,to ensure overflow area will be unblocked .when finished that,the upper end of drain plug should be lower than the bottom of wash basin.

3. Bracket fixed bolt can be used galvanized bolt which not less than 6 mm or galvanized metal expansion bolts(expansion bolt is not allowed to used in the porous brick wall).

4. After connected washing basin and drain,it should be compact but easy to remove,the joint can not be open.and the contact part between wash basin and wall should be caulked apply by Silicon paste.

5. If washing basin drainage trap and faucet is chrome plated products, please do not break the plating down when in installing.

6.Pay attention to the height. whateve independent or table basin, table-board should be Height from the ground in 80, 85 cm, because if the baisn too short,can make person feel backache.