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How to choose kitchen faucet and kitchen sink, banyan can tell you.

How to choose kitchen faucet and kitchen sink, banyan can tell you.

Kitchen faucet as tools that are used every day , quality directly affects the service life of it, so you should put quality as the first when you are purchasing on it, some cheap faucet will lead to leaking and the inlet pipe burst.

Here Banyan bring some tips of how to choose kitchen faucet and kitchen sink, I hope that it may help.

  • How to choose a kitchen faucet

1. one of the key factors is the preventing leakage problem, due to the opening and closing of kitchen faucet every, if in poor quality, it will come up leakage and dripping problem within short time, the key of prevent leaking is the valve core, generally the ceramic valve core is the relatively advanced valve core technology. It is more wearproof, more reliably sealing, more prevent leaking than other normal ones. So it is better to choose then kitchen faucet which have ceramic valve core. Now the best known valve core is the SEDAL and KEROX.

2. Also you should check the inlet pipe, if the quality is poor, your room may be drowned by your water come out from the faucet.

3. Try opening and closing of the switch to check it is smooth or not, check the plating if have some flaw.

  • How to choose kitchen sink

1. Most of kitchen sink is making of 304 stainless steel, sink body is strong and durable. The key is the launching arrangement, a lot of family usually let residue out through the outlet after they washing vegetable or dishes. It is easy to cause the clogging in drains, pipes problem such as leaking, sewage stunk.

2. Therefore, you should consider the design of the outlet when you are buying the kitchen sink. For example you can choose sink which have solid waste storage basket, and empty garbage after each use, to avoid too much solid waste into the sewer. As far as we know, there are more and more families will install food waste processor, solid waste can be broken directly, even from the pipe mouth down, will not lead to jam.

3. Also should be pay attention to the quality of the sewer pipe. If the pipes are of poor quality, long-term corrosion of food residue will easily lead to leakage, stink, and other issues.