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How to install in wall basin faucet?


Now,the in wall basin faucet is quite popular and utility,faucet pipe is installed inside wall,so faucet can be installed on the wall directly, do not need supporting by anything. If you want to install in wall basin faucet,should consider the bathroom pipeline distribution. Here is to understand together in wall basin faucet installation course.

Step 1:Fixed faucet body into the wall, and connect up the inlet pipe.

Step 2:Should control the deepness that the faucet body had into the wall,if it is too deep,it will affect the normal installation and appearance,the wall space thickness should be control between 45 to 60 mm after finishing.

Step 3:Should be used protection cover when in installing,to prevent the damage away from faucet, only can be took it off until the installation is finished.