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Iwash intelligent faucet


(Banyan - faucet manufacturer)Four young designers from Taiwan China jointly designed a concept faucet which named iWash, you can see the bacteria in your hand when you are washing your hand,thus clear know that how necessary the hand washing is. IWash looks not too big difference from othe general induction faucet, only the head turn into a big disc sprinkler modelling, there is a digital microscope in it, can let you see the shape of the bacteria from the top of the screen when you are washing hand.

The principle of IWash and general induction faucet is the same.the outermost layers of the disk is full of drainage holes,automatically tap when hand close. The biggest difference is the digital microscope and circular screen lies on top which in innermost layer,can display red and green color, it can enlarge the bacteria in your hand. Here, all bacteria in your hand are identified. If a lot of bacteria, the system will appear red LED lights, if bacteria reduced to normal levels after washing hands, the LED light will turns green, and the viewing screen will become transparent, also inform you washing finished, otherwise you will be prompted to Re-cleansing if you don't wash hands thoroughly, bacteria will still show in front of you, very intuitive.