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Japanese unique bathroom culture


(Banyan - faucet manufacturer)I think it is a compliment to say that the Japanese ardently love the toilet.Recently one Japanese company launched a smart toilet, can do body check when you are in toilet. Or it will playing music when you finish and flush it. the wisdom of the Japanese show clearly on a small toilet. It is connected to their national character, also contributed the unique Japanese "bathroom culture".

Now every tourist attractions in Japan,even in the big shopping mall toilet, you can see the Chinese mark easily,to remind Chinese tourists and some overseas student how to use the toilet in Japan. Sometimes to know "bathroom culture" is a beginning to know more about this country.Japanese people pay attention to "bathroom culture", there are some well-known entrepreneurs will think:"It will be good company if you have a clean toilet."

The Japanese respect "toilet culture", it is not hard to see that in their language. There are three parlances to say “to toilet”." cloakroom" (which is the most popular parlance), "トイレ" (this is a loan word, the pronunciation is as same with “toilet” in English), the last one is "みたらい" (this is the most commonly parlance). "お" has the meaning of respect in Japanese, also mean "the gift of god". Visibly, Japanese people pay attention to and respect "toilet culture".

Do the medical examination when you are in pee.

The Japanese is obsessed with high-tech, naturally,closestool become their good place to give play to their intelligence. Many foreign visitors may feel confused of the complex intelligent toilet for their first time to Japan,can not figure out the instructions in Japanese,but by small icon "decode" the meaning. The current intelligent toilet standard features include toilet seat heating, temperature control, hot air drying, background music, etc

Japanese company recently launched a smart toilet, can do the body check when you are in toilet. This smart toilet can analyze urine samples,measure their blood pressure and body temperature, and using the under floor scale to measure the weight.

The urine bag in toilet can check check the elders urine sugar and temperature, and configure an armlet to measure blood pressure. There is a computer screen in the bathroom wall,used for display the physiological data. It can store health data up to five personal.

Go out with travel, many people will go to toilet in the thicket. But Japanese prefer to take the toilet to travel together, so there is a company launched a portable toilet,group the folding chairs and implement together, can sit on chair and solve your problem.remove dirt away the dirt after use.

Product has ordinary haunch flushing, soft flushing and flushing for women. Also with heater and deodorization.

It will often causes "splash" when men urinate which destroy the toilet clean, and it makes Japanese extremely hate. There is a company to make a light in the closestool, forming a bright spot, to become the "target" for men urinating.The toilet was took trial in Osaka airport,prove that toilet sanitation situation is improved.

Washing hands and flushing water seal makes together after using the toilet

Japan's toilet area is generally less than 2 square meters,so they came up with a solution of washing hands and saving space, also saving water:to design the toilet tank cover which with a small pools with a faucet.After going to toilet,can wash your hand,and the water which you had used will deposit in the tank for flushing.
Use "音の姫" to cover awkward toilet sound

Japanese women fell embarrassing for the toilet sound. According to the survey, they will flushing twice to eliminate embarrassment, that quite a waste of water. And a Osaka toy company launched a music box called "音の姫", it can play music to cover the embarrassment sound when you are going to toilet. This music box is portable, 110000 pieces had been sold in Japan last year.
Except the toilet, toilet paper is also the important tool in toilet. you can study the sudoku, see horror fiction, or wipe with "money" paper when you are in toilet, the Japanese endowed toilet paper infinite "function"

Every year on November 10, is the toilet festival in Japan.