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Korean shower culture


(Banyan - faucet manufacturer)My Korean friends had complain to me that in China can't find place to shower, that really surprised me, and even make me a little unhappiness.Then gradually know that south koreans do not shower at home now, but like to go to big baths, also known as the sauna and sweat stream room or sudatorium.

Sudatorium is widely know in South Korea,every people loves that,many people may become to know that from their film and television works. Sudatorium mean sauna with Korean characters, the main principle is to use infrared reflection to heat up, combined with tourmaline, jade, medicinal minerals, through perspire a lot, accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, and force the body toxins out, achieves the effect of hairdressing health care.

About the origin of Sudatorium generally has two version: one is the Korean king Sejong for cure painstaking research and development for the people, the second is a derivative of ceramics kiln house six hundred years ago. Modern Sudatorium have change a lot, Gradually include the purple crystal, jade, medical stone, pine, soil carbon, different materials, dry evaporation,wet evaporation and ice steaming, become a comprehensive leisure place with bath, beauty, entertainment, and other functions.

For south koreans, sauna bath not only can relieve pressure, make beauty fitness, but also can contact feelings of social, become a kind of unique culture. Steaming rooms usually have bath, sauna, restaurant, gym, games and other facilities, even have cinemas and KTV in some high-grade place,is very suitable for friends or family. At present, the steaming rooms ticket price is from 10000 to 10000 won, enjoy all kinds of health care facilities, but just with relatively cheap price. In addition, because its can stay overnight, for traveling, saves large hotel expense, more attractive than watching film all night.

The waiter is very enthusiastic, interior is also very comfortable, all of them are very relaxing. there are steaming rooms in the hall inside which looks like pyramid. it may need some willpower to stay in the rooms. Inside the wall after heating and produce high thermal field very quickly wrapped tightly,the burning hot feeling can make you not know what to do at first,but try to stop but cannot after sweating. Each room is about from 40 to 70 degrees,different materials have different temperature.infrared ray and minerals has the characteristic of uniform heat dissipation,can penetrate hypodermic, effectively relax muscle, relieve neck and joint pain. In addition, perspire a lot can make blood from weak acid to weak alkaline, forcing out toxins in the body, eliminating tension, relieve fatigue.

In South Korea Steaming rooms, baked eggs and fermented glutinous rice is snacks you must try, it has become steaming culture characteristic label. But if have a cup of sweet tea, it couldn't be better. After the moment, all the  exhaustion and trouble has gone.