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The key point for sanitary ware company development-logistics


(Banyan)Logistics is the essence of the circulation of goods and material circulation. At this point, household building materials enterprises should Profound understanding. However, there are still many enterprises only focus on production, does not pay attention to logistics system, resulting in business opportunity wasted. At present, the sanitary ware companies’ logistics management is still exist many "soft rib", if it can not be solved well, will limit the development of the industry.

Question one: backward in management, operational efficiency is low.

At present, many sanitary ware companies only have one central warehouse, which collected all the products from factories,and then sent to the distribution of customers and proprietary stores in different place, this is known as the central warehouse model. This warehouse cost is relatively low, but the delivery costs is high, warehouse capacity is insufficient every year, logistics limitation is low, especially in busy season which often resulting in severe of customer complaints. With the increase of sales, transportation costs will be more and more high, but transport efficiency is become lower and lower, which limits the expansion and development of the enterprises in other place.

Solution: With gradually expanding of annual sales,the enterprise can be changed to regional warehouse model which can improve the efficiency of enterprise logistics greatly,for the scattered operation, the bottlenecks of deliver can be solved in busy season, although increased storage costs, but reduces the return and econd transportation cost, total cost is lower, also lay a solid logistics platform for the rapid development of enterprise in the future.

Question two: Low level of logistics information

Many sanitary ware enterprise use the information system which is independent research and development,the function is the primary, just orders, invoicing, sales function, no storage function, no order merge function, even without WMS system (warehouse management system). So warehouse management are depend on the experience of older employees,new employees will take 3-6 months to completely familiar with warehouse storage conditions, so the warehouse delivery efficiency is especially low, often can not find where is the goods and even sent the wrong goods.

Solution: Complete supply chain management is the winning key for sanitary ware enterprises, and informatization of supply chain management is a decisive weapon for sanitary ware enterprises in the new century. In order to improve the low level of logistics information, the lack of goods management and low efficiency, the enterprise have to develop the supply chain management information system, makes the channel inventory to get good control and reduce the stock and backlog, to reach the company sales targets. And to hire professional logistics management talents with rich experience, hire a professional management consulting company to research, planning and transformation, establish a modern logistics mode. As long as has advanced supply chain information system, and improve the management level of enterprises, enhance competitive ability.