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Want to purchase upc faucet,choose Luxuryhome


Upc faucet is one of the featured products of luxuryhome,we had been working in the faucet industry for many years,we knows the faucets very much in different markets,and we have lots of customers,it help us to know more about the hot faucet style in North America,even in the whole world.

The following is the upc faucets which make from Luxuryhome,very suitable for north American market.

Banyan upc faucet series 1

Banyan upc faucet series 2

Banyan upc faucet series 3

Our upc faucet will be finished after the Rigorous testing,here is our water flow testing standard(also the upc/cupc certification testing standard)


Water flow L/min)

Basin faucet and Kitchen faucet

2.2gallons(8.3L) per minute max in 60psi (4kg/

Bathtub faucet

single handle

2.4gallons(9L) per minute max in 20psi

double handle

2.4gallons(9L) per minute max in 20psi

Hand shower & spout


Hand shower :2.5gallons per minute max in 80psi

Spout: 2.4gallons(9L) per minute max in 70psi

Besides,we know the installation in North America are not cheap,maybe is expensive,so we design that the facuet is easy to install,you can intall the whole faucet by yourself very easy.please check the installation step below:

installation steps

(Note:if you can not read this pic clearly,please open it in a new tab)

What will Luxuryhome do:

1.for our pull down/pull out kitchen faucet,the faucet sprayer can be guarantee to push out for 100,00 times.

2.all our product provide 5 years quality(it means you can repair or change the faucet have problems which buy form Luxuryhome in 5 years since the date you received it).

3.If you buy more than 200 sets faucet ,we will give you 1% faucet accessories(including, but not limited to ceramic valve,O ring,handle flexible pipe).

4.We have QC process,as the second point said,if there is quality problem,we can change the faucet for free

For some product details:we use low lead brass,sedal ceramic valve,neoperl aerator,304 s.steel hose.