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Apple CEO cook investment Nebia intelligent shower


Water is the source of human life, the sanitary product,as Large water consumption had against of water saving naturally. Predictably, water-saving sanitary ware products is the inevitable trend of industry development which have a huge space for development. This opportunity, APPLE's two executives early insight into this.

Apple CEO cook investment intelligent shower,maybe finished in May 2016.

According to foreign media reports, recently, APPLE's chief executive Tim Cook started to invest a new intelligent faucet manufacturers, mainly of environmental protection of water-saving products.

The company named Nebia, according to the New York Times reported that it is a start-up company from San Francisco by six people. As a support for Nebia, APPLE all use the intelligence from Nebia showers in its headquarters in cupertino.

Nebia shower style looks like APPLE's products, its unique design can save up to 70% of water consumption. According to Nebia company introduction, consumptive use of water of their shower for an average just 6 gallons (22.7 liters), and the traditional shower is up to 20 gallons (75.7 liters). Nebia built specially designed nozzle, and the water will turn into a myriad of small water droplets. not only reduces the water supply volume, but also water mist jet area can expand 10 size.

Although obtained APPLE CEO Tim Cook and execution of executive Eric Schmidt financial support, but Nebia still seek their own support on Kickstarter, the raise goal is $100000. The free installation design and adjustable bracket can make users discretionary adjusted according to their own requirements.

Nebia appreciated APPLE company use their own product in the their headquarters for testing support, at the same time, the shower head of this system come into use in Google, Stanford university and Equinox chain Gyms gym.