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New bath showers for modern life

New bath showers for modern life

We take shower almost every day,some people for clean;Some for routine;Some for enjoying pleasure and relaxation... no matter what purpose it is,shower is an indispensable part of life, as time passes,shower culture had been extends out.

In ancient China,there is rule about “the emperor will take a shower before holding court”,it is not only a kind of etiquette,but also a kind of spiritual life.At first people take shower along the river bank or in hot spring,afterwards,have tub,artificial bathing pool,then have shower, as time goes on and changes of bathing way,now,people began to pursue health bathing. In order to convenient, most people will choose shower,of course,in addition to clean and healthy,people also enjoy mental relaxation in bathing.

On the design of shower, in addition to consider cleaning body and relax, but also saving water and other social needs.See the following few shower designs, if more suitable for modern way of life?

1. Double shower

Currently shower equipment generally including top shower and hand shower, but you can not used both at the same time.In fact,if you can use both at the same time will be more healthy and more comfortable.Designer Thomas Baker make a shower which can realize this operation,top shower fixed in the wall and hand shower(can take off) is stucked in top shower.The advantages of this design is that even it is a double shower,but water yield is the same as single way shower.

2. OaSense Intelligent shower head

Although shower is comfortable and efficient,but the biggest drawback is a waste of water, OaSense intelligent shower head is designed for saving water. The appearance of the shower head have not different from other common types, but theres is built-in sensors in it,if people leave under the shower,the shower will stop the flow automatically,according to experiment, the design of suspended water can save 50% water

3. Daphne multipurpose shower

The shower head design by South Korea's designer Park Geun,looks simple and elegant,not noly is a shower,but also can as the faucet on basin.There are two part of shower,one for shower head outlet,the other for basin faucet outlet

4. Nana bath system

Female designers from Poland Katarzyna Malczewska had designed a bath system, there is shower and tub inside,looks like a elegant white ribbon. This conceptual design adopted integrated system,not only with practical function and artistic,but also space saving.

5. Spining tub

This is a wall hung bathtub which is Ron Arad designed for bathroom manufacturers Teuco,there is shower system inside,in fact,it is an changeable bathtub,can combines tub with shower and with free transform, the width of bathtub edge is not the same,when the wider edge rotate to the bottom,can be used as a mini tub.But this bathtub have a big problem,you need to a big enough bathroom to install it

6. Watertile shower

This watertile shower is a new product designed by KHOLER,it is installed on the ceiling directly, do not take up space,and not through an external pipe connection. Installed thermostatic valve, don't need to control water temperature, besides,this shower had won the Germany Hanover design awards.