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Novel faucet design


Each house have faucet, whether in a kitchen or bathroom, we can find it. But in the process of using, such as hand washing, we need to coated with liquid soap before it, the whole process seems very trouble. In order to solve this problem, the designer Eric Galano invented a new faucet, can make us more convenient in hand washing.

The inner structure of faucet

The faucet seems have not too big difference from what we used usually on the appearance. In fact, the internal of it had change a new design. It have two internal channel, one can be added in the hand sanitizer, and the other is the channel flow.

We can add hand sanitizer from top bar ,and also can read the residual amount of hand sanitizer from transparent instructions on the faucet

Gently push the handle, liquid soap will be flow out automatically when we using it for hand washing, after 20 seconds, the water will automatically flow out. Hands could be clean fully in 20 seconds. Eric said, such new faucet design, can not only reduce bacterial contamination caused by touch faucet frequently,the more important is, it is helpful in saving water which also meet with Environmental protection concept.