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pfister-leading faucet design


Pfister logo

Pfister is a high-end sanitary ware brand the product which is subordinate of Spectrum group.In 1910, Pfister was founded in California,joined Black &decker group in 1989;In 2012,joined the spectrum group;In 2014,formally entered the Chinese market and opened stores;In 2016,the first dealer store was opened in Beijing.

Pfister has 106 years History of development,have a high brand awareness and reputation in United States,Canada,South America and other countries. Pfister is widely know by its pure American design,such as classical style and modern style design.Pfister take " Customer experience is the highest " as its concept,successfully developed a number of leading technology including lead-free technology, automatic reset technology,rapid installation technology, self-sealing technology, easy clean and adjustable height tehchnology and so on. Because of high quality products,Pfister become the first choice of many  top projects,such as Disneyland,grand hyatt hotel,Hilton Hotel, etc.

ADEX,Award for Design Excellence,is a worldwide Design awards in the field of construction, household decoration Design and decoration products which also is significant influence and the height of the authority, therefore, ADEX become the index of the Design industry.

ADEX awards is appraise and elect by an anonymous professional jury,the jury represents the ADEX awards which contained a series of industry.based on the shape,function and applicability,finally selects the ADEX three awards: platinum, gold and silver award.

Pfister is acknowledged as the leader of sanitary ware industry design, its innovative products design won numerous ADEX awards each year.