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The point you should know when you want to buy faucet


Banyan as the faucet manufacturer in china,we know much more faucet things than common buyers,so we want to show the follow point you should know when you are buying faucet,do not be cheat by the unscrupulous merchants.

Weight of faucet: can't buy the faucet which is far too much light,if far too much light,mainly is ,the manufacturers want to reduce costs, hollow out the brass inside,there is no different from other faucet look from the surface,but you will feel it is not heavy if you pick it up,it is easy to crack for the high water pressure.

Handle of faucet: many faucet handles are make of zinc,and notice that the handle type is fit your hand size of not.

Outlet: the outlet of high places makes to filling washbasin become simple.

Valve: this is the heart of faucet, now the hot and cold faucet are using ceramic valve core, the best quality brand of valve is from the Spanish Sedak,KCG in Taiwan,Mingshi in zhuhai.

Rotation Angle:It can make the job become easier if the faucet can rotate 180 degrees, but if the faucet can rotate 360 degrees,just suitable for sink in the middle of the house.

Pull out/pull down sprayer: make effective radius of faucet using increases, sink and containers can be filled quickly.

Hose: Experience has shown that 50 cm tube is enough,or you can buy a 70cm tube or more longer. Be careful,not to buy a tube which make of aluminum wire,it should be make of stainless steel wire.How to know which is aluminum wire one or stainless steel wire one. Clench the tube and pull it,if your handle become black,that is aluminum wire, oppositely,stainless steel wire is no change.Preferably but the tube which the outer layer is weave by five international standard stainless steel wire, tube insert is make of EPDM material, connecting nut is wrought,4um (thickness) surface of the nickel layer.

Shower hose:in order to avoiding the bad noise, should not to use metal tubes.

Prevent calcification system:It will deposit calcium in shower head and automatic cleaning system,the same as faucet. Integration of air cleaners have prevent calcification system, also can prevent calcification for internal device.

Backflow prevention system: the system is design for preventing dirty water is involve into clear water pipes, made of layers of material. The products with backflow prevention system will be shown DVGM signs in the packing surface.

cleaning: clipper-built design faucet does not need too much cleaning. When cleaning, do not use cleanser, polishing powder or some other detergent with coarse particle or nylon brush,just need to clean it with dilute shampoo or bath foam by Dry soft cloth.

Material: stainless steel is health and environmental protection. Flipping chrome device is easy to care and harmless to people, but need to add some other elements in the process of manufacturing. So you must pay attention to the equipment is made of what material, not all countries have high standard like Germany.

Durability: prevent calcification system can avoid risk of handle broken and leaking.

Repairing: Ths repair costs is very different in different equipment, and material of some equipment is not very easy to get.Repair is quite simple actually, just need corresponding accessories, and structure chart.