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some "dirty trick" in decoration


(Banyan-faucet manufaucturer)It is understood ,decoration personnel quality is uneven due to decorating industry have low barriers to enter , some projects,from quotation to midway of construction process until the final acceptance and settlement,there are many "dirty trick".

The substrate is easy to fall off after Improper handling

Before brushing the latex paint and paving the wall and floor tiles, be sure to do a good job in the substrate. Some of the workers is cheating on workmanship and materials, it would cause metope is not smooth, chromatic aberration, even emulsion varnish will falls off and turn colors, or tile adhesive is not solid. In the construction of wall and floor tiles, can not be laid in lime mortar, lime paste, paper tendons lime paste, hemp lime pulp and emulsioni paint surface directly, but to clean the base surface processing. When brushs emulsioni paint, be sure to pay attention to the wall surface is uniform, smooth, polished and roll coating or not. In addition, but also pay attention to the suitability of latex paint against the water.

The ground floor is empty and no leveling.

Some houses is not smooth on the ground, so it need to releveling in the decoration. If workers is not careful or deliberately shoddy, will result in "more for the uneven" ,and it will greatly increased load on the ground if used in the construction of cement mortar, which brings hidden trouble to the safety of building. Return sand phenomenon will be very serious if the normal operation is not done well, and some only cover the sand with a layer of cement cover to cheat.

Electric wire is disorder,easy to make electric hidden danger.

Destroy the bearing structure when doing wall tick groove in careless.

Metope paint perfunctory,have chromatic aberration