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AQSIQ of China announced spot check result of pedestal pan on its website



On January 14,2015. AQSIQ of China announced the spot check result of pedestal pan on its website.This spot check include 97 companies,there are 52 common pedestal pan,25 integrated intelligent toilet,20 independent pedestal pan(electronic toilet cover).But there are 18 products from 18 companies do not meet the standard,9 Zhejiang sanitary ware companies are included,and all of them are the intelligent sanitary ware manufacturer.

Like the brands we are familiar with


Through spot checks found that unqualified products are all intelligent toilet products, quality problems mainly concentrated in the heat resistant and flame resistant, water level of safety technical requirements, the tank safety level.

Heat resistant and flame retardant is mandatory requirement of electrical safety standards, if non-metallic materials’s heat resistance performance does not meet the requirements,smoking,fire or other accidents will be happened easier.17 products’material is unqualified on their flammability test, main reason is,the enterprise does not adding enough flame retardants in production process.

In addition, There is unqualified phenomenon on the grounding measures, input power and current, calorification,solid carbon function