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stainless steel faucet become new tendency


(Banyan - faucet manufacturer)Faucet is our daily use household items, the earliest history can be traced back to the 16th century. Now the faucet has entered innumberable families, became a public goods. Now, however, the market of faucet is of varying quality.

At present,China's faucet material mainly are brass and stainless steel,there are also iron,plastic,zinc alloy faucet.For the advantages that brass has the advantages of easy processing,the faucet that sells on the market are more than 90% make of brass.

With the development of science technology and manufacturing process,using stainless steel material to manufacture faucet is possible.Stainless steel is an internationally recognized material which is acid-proof, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no release of harmful substances, and won't contaminate tap water source,even can be implanted into a health human body.

The advantage of stainless steel faucet

Stainless steel faucet is lead-free,no corrosion and exudate,no odor or cloudy,will not cause secondary pollution to water,health safety guarantee perfection.

Field corrosion test data show that the service life of the stainless steel can be up to 100,almost don't need maintenance in life cycle, greatly reducing the number of replacement and cost.

304 stainless steel is not rust,environmental protection,health,is a worldwide consensus,and don't need plating surface,in the process of surface polishing,just need to filter the powder and dust during in polishing  process, air environment pollution is small, and has not seen the occupational disease caused by stainless steel polishing.

Relative to stainless steel faucets,if brass faucets used for a long time, the lining will produce green rust,lead which exsit in brass faucet and other harmful substances may be released to the water and make water pollution. General brass faucets’surface is by electroplating, service time commonly is 3-5 years, even 1-2 years, after then will lose luster,surface pitting,finally electrodeposited coating fall off. And in polishing electroplating,will produce chrome water.Comprehensive variety of comparison, the stainless steel faucet has a huge market potential.

Stainless steel faucet has the advantages that brass faucet doesn’t have,but processing is more difficulty,so the price of stainless steel faucet is more expensive.As stainless steel faucet manufacturing technology gradually mature  in domestic,both in production and in grade,the stainless steel faucet has lot of promotion, although share is small in domestic market, but in recent years, it gets the favour of consumer increasingly for its health, environmental protection, durable and other characteristics,gradually to grab a leading market share from the brass faucet.stainless steel faucet has become the development trend of sanitary ware industry.