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Thermostatic mixer profile


With the pursuit of people's living standard is higher and higher, there is more and more bathtub brands on the market, variety of bathtub is known, but we know how much about bathroom products? All the bathtub cannot leave it, let's come together and learn about it-the temperature mixer.

Thermostatic mixer

Thermostatic mixer profile

Thermostatic mixer,also can call thermostatic faucet or thermostatic shower mix faucet,Its role is,mixing the cold water and hot water into a preset temperature of warm water automatically.

Its working principle:equipped with hot temperature sensitive components in the water outlet of thermostatic mixer,control the movement of valve inside, block or open the inlet of cold and hot water.After setting a certain temperature,temperature mixer will adjusting proportion of hot and cold water to keep water temperature constant.

Thermostatic mixer advantage

Thermostatic mixer advantage

The main advantages of thermostat mixer:

first,thermostatic mixer can constant temperature on the initial setup automatically, once setting, you do not need set the temperature every time,just turn on the shower and enjoy it, especially convenient for children and elders.

Second, there is water supply disconnection automatic protection function,when temperature is 38 degrees or below 38 degrees,either cold or hot water supply pipes is broken,it will stop working automatically,to prevent burns,cold shock accident effectively

Thermostatic mixer matters need to know

Matters need attention

The usage of thermostatic mixer is very simple.Standard thermostatic mixer have one knob in each side,the left side knobs is for adjusting water temperature,twist forth,water temperature drop,twist back, water temperature increases, but Screw fixed on 40℃.This is because when the water temperature is over 40℃,it is easy to burn the skin, if you need a higher water temperature,must be press on the red safety button,continue to twist back.And right side knobs is for controling output water type and water yield:scale aligned closed; Forward twist,for water nozzle below,twist back,for shower head.the greater the but when installing and using some must be pay attention to matters


Here is some matters need attention when on installation and use

1.If there are tiny solid lumps in your house,is not suitable for using thermostatic mixer.

2.If there is powdery sediment or soft foreign in tap water may reduce the sensitivity of the thermostatic valve,also may Shorten the service life of thermostatic mixer.

3. Try to shorten the distance between water heater and faucet, in order to make hot water reaches to faucet as soon as possible.

4.Normal water pressure:0.05Mpa ~ 0.6 Mpa

5.Water supply pipe must not be wrong, hot water pipe must be on left, cold water pipe must be on right.

6.Must clean up before installing thermostatic faucet, in order to avoid the tiny sand lump damage the rubber gasket, thread, thermostatic valve and other parts.

7.Please according to specification to make the installation, pay attention to do not loss or damage any gaskets.

8.thermostatic mixer doesn’t has heating function, please set water heater's temperature to 65℃~ 80℃.

9.If hot and cold water pressure’s difference is too big, please use a screwdriver to adjust bracket valve. Especially the families using gas water heater.