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undermount and topmount sink,which is better?


Kitchen sink is a small part in kitchen finishing but is necessary,and it is very effect the use experience when you are cooking, two common cases is them is leaking and ponding, the former is relate to the sink quality, the latter which is related to the installation way of sink. For the quality, we will mention in the back, so topmout sink and undermout sink which is better?

Topmount sink: the most common installation of kitchen sink, its characteristic is edges bulge on table-board. Installation is more simple, you just need the dimensions of the sink, according to the installation drawing and install sinks into the hole and tamp the cap with silica gel. Advantage is the installation effect is ideal, the late maintenance more convenient, also can be the whole removed. The disadvantage is that if there is water near the table, can't directly make the water to the basin with the hand, only scrape off the water from from the table edge and catch it with container to pick up under water, more troublesome in cleaning.

Undermount sink: the border around the sink in the table below, as shown in the figure below. Advantage is sink edge is not higher than the table, can push the mesa of dirt and water into the basin directly, very convenient. Defect is undermount,the braced force and Weight capacity is smaller than topmount than the stage basin, so installation should be specially strengthened. In addition if want to replace the sink in the future, may need to to get the whole cabinet, maintenance cost is higher.

Suggestion: although many family are using the topmount kitchen sink, but through the introduction of the above,you can see undermount sink advantage is obvious: if you splashed water to the table when washing dishes, can directly push the water in the sink with hand directly, avoid the water flow on the ground or ambry door plank; At the same time, the stuff if don’t need,can also sort out first to sink again.For topmount sink,if the kitchen table-board is small, and cutting board is close to sink, the bottom of cutting board will get wet and easy to make it broken.So I think the undermount sink is better.

choice of sink and cabinet: whether undermount or topmount sink,we should buy the sink first than cabinet,after all the hollow aera of the cabinet is according to the size of sink. If it is using undermount sink, it is better to send the sink to cabinet manufacturer, make it according to the dimensions of sink to customize the cabinet table aera, ensure that the sink and kitchen sink is suitable.