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use bathroommaster correctly,make winter get warmmer


(,a small home appliance product.It combine the heating, infrared physiotherapy, bathroom ventilation, decoration and other functions as a whole through the special waterproof infrared thermal wave tube and exhaust fan.

The power supply wiring system shuld be standard.

Bathroommaster power up to 1100w or more, therefore, the power wiring line must be waterproof, the diameter of wiring(copper wire) should more than 1mm , all wiring must be in the plastic pipe and set in the wall, wiring is not allowed to exposing outside.The power control switch must be waterproof and quality guarantee,especially the old house,should pay more attention to the installation.

The thickness of the Bathroommaster shoulds not be too big

20cm thickness is enough,if it is to too thick,it will bring some trouble when we want to decorate our house.

Should be installed at the center of bathroom.

Many families install it in the bathtub or above the shower, probably the tempreture will rise up faster,but there is safety loophole. Because infrared radiation lamp heats up so fast, It is easy to burn the body if you stand too near to it. Accurate method should be install the bathroommaster at the top of the center, or slightly near the location of the bathtub. It can guarantee safe and can make it work better.

Water spray is prohibited when it is turn on.

Although bathroommaster is waterproof now, but never water it in actually use, although bathroommaster waterproof lamp has waterproof performance, but metal parts inside are not, if you water it, it may cause short-circuit or may break it

Avoid frequent switch and vibration

Avoid that turn on/off too frequently,or it would reduce the service life.when in abnormal condition,must turn it off immediately,and don’t dismantle overhaul by yourself,ask after-sales service maintenance department to repair it

Keep the bathroom clean and dry