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Is the water filter really helpful?


Water is the source of life, and the water quality of drinking water influences our health directly, but because of environmental pollution, the water quality is become worse and worse, so many families had bought water purifiers, but water is limited through water purifiers,so now the water filter faucet had appeared on the market; the faucet filter is useful? How long the faucet filter change?

Adjust the sour alkalinity of water quality

Water exists acid-base property, meta-acid or alkali,all of these is bad for human being’s health, the faucet filter can adjust the acid-base property in water. 

Filtering impurities

The water we used,mostly from water treatment plant, however, this process will be used to bleach the chemical material such as detergent, after use will be residual chlorine or ammonia. In the process of conveying, water will through pipes one by one and then into our kitchen,into our lives.Iron pipe will produce some rust inevitably after a long time using. For these, faucet filters can solve perfectly

How long we should change the faucet filter?

Now many families are using filtering water dispenser or bottled mineral water. But, except these direct drinking water, you will use the tap-water directly when you are in cooking,brushing your teeth or dringking? In order to ensure the safety of drinking water, we should pay attention to the problems of indirect drinking water

Tap water from faucet, despite the water disinfection treatment for security, but easy to cause secondary pollution in the process of transmission.

Adsorption ability of faucet filter is limited, use over time, adsorbent will be saturated, not only can not absorb impurities, but also release new pollutants to instead. we reminds: should try to be replaced faucet filter once a month.

Meanwhile, should choose the water filter which have active carbon and sponge (or non-woven). Sponges and non-woven, can filter out the rust on the visible impurities and the activated carbon can adsorb organic compounds in water. These two kinds of filter material in the supermarket are very common, price is cheap.