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what is a widespread faucet


According to the measure of installation hole of the faucet,a basin faucet have 3 types- single hole basin faucet,double hole centerset 4 inch basin faucet and three hole 8 inch widespread basin faucet. The basin faucet with single hole just the can be installed the single hole faucet,4 inch pitch-row basins are common, most of the faucet is 4 inches, the small hole in center is used to install the draw bar which for draining away water. 8 " pitch-row basin can be installed three hole 8 inch widespread, also can be installed single hole faucet,but you shold need to cover the other two holes by a plate.

In general, widespread faucet is separate faucet, the pitch-row not is 8 inch,like the following faucet are both widespread faucet, first is used in basin, the second for the tub.

8 inch spread 3 hole bathroom faucet

4 tap hole bath shower mixer