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what is NSF 61-9 faucet?


As everyone knows,maybe,northe America(mainly for USA and Canada) certification Including, but not limited to:

USA: UPC, CUPC, NSF, WaterSense, AB1953, WQA


Do anyone knows what is the faucet with nsf 61-9 certificate?Let Banyan tell some about it:

NSF 61-9 logo

Lead is the microelement which human being needs,but when the lead lead content is overweight, it will become a "invisible killer" which damage our body health. So for people's health,in some advanced country,like United States... there is a very strict standard of lead content for pipes and faucets,and the standard is the NSF 61-9 test.So the NSF 61-9 faucet mean the faucet which is low lead.According to the dring water system compent of health effects under ANSI/NSF 61-9,to analyse the lead content of the products,The ANSI/NSF 61-9 including the final filter for the Installation and distribution system,the plumbing installation, components and materials for tap water,like remote chillers,bathroom faucet and so on.All in all,control the lead content of the faucet material.

Now many faucets are make of brass, but the faucets which exported to North America mostly are make of DR brass(low lead brass),and passed the UPC/cUPC certification, there are different standard or certification in other countries or regions to make sure the faucet or other products had pass the quality authentication. Nowadays,the brass processing techniques is very mature, don't worry too much about the problem of lead poisoning.Perhaps many people will ask, why not use stainless steel faucets, there is no lead in stainless steel.One of the reasons is, stainless steel is high hardness, it is relatively difficult in processing, there are other reasons, we will talk in detail later. Of course, there are still lots of people using stainless steel faucet, for example, in Europe,many people are using the stainless steel faucet,and in Canada,gradually popularized the stainless steel faucet.