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what kind of faucet valve is better?


( ball cartridge and ceramic cartridge is the common tap valve. Steel ball cartridge has good ability to resist pressure, but the disadvantage is, rubber seal ring is easy to wear and tear, aging very fast.Compared with steel ball cartridge, ceramic cartridge is more thermostable and wearable, at the same time, ceramic cartridge has good sealing performance, therefore it can be use for a long time, will not caused dripping water for wearing of valve.Also it feel more comfortable and smooth, open and close is quickly. So you can depend on the feeling that you turning the handle to judge the better one when you are buying a faucet. Generally, if you it is light,without block feeling,so the valve is bettet.

Some famous brand of ceramic cartridge:Hairui(china),Hent(china), Geneseed(china),KCG(taiwan),Sedal(spain), KEROX(Hungary),Heart(german), KAKUDAI(japan).