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why guangdong's faucet is more expensive than Fujian and Zhejiang?


Faucet manufacturers in China, according to the quality rankings, guangdong kaiping shuikou town(heshan zhishang town) is the best,and next is the fujian nanan(four famous domestic faucet brand is in fujian,JOMOO,JOYOU,HHSN,SUNLOT). The others are in wenzhou, zhejiang province. Kaiping also has well-known brands,but why the four leading brand in fujian. , For example,the content of copper, kaiping is higher than the content of fujian, zhejiang.

Brand market is a product of kaiping before,95% for foreign orders, they do not like to do the domestic market, because the domestic orders is small, trouble in production. So the manufacturer of kaiping have no famous brands in the domestic. But why Foshan have some famous brands in domestic? Because they open the market in foreign country by their ceramic tile in a open mature sales channels. So many large enterprises at home is not very famous. All say that guangdong kaiping faucet is in high quality, actually there is a key point - the electroplating process. Design and all of the production process is in accordance with European standards. All the cost and quality is higher than others.

Faucet manufacturing technology

Gravity casting, low pressure casting, machining welding bibcock, foundry casting (no good as gravity casting).whatever casting or welding is just belong to different of manufacturing process, nothing to do with which is the better. Now there are the latest technology-copper alloy die casting technology, however, it is not popularize for high technical content. It is said that the cost is low, and the quality is very good.

The material of the tap of faucet

Brass:brass is one of the most common materials for faucet manufacturing, international standard H59 / H62 brass, casting with steel mould gravity casting, the wall thickness is uniformity, generally between 2.5-3.0 mm. Features are: faucet  made of brass is not rust, durable, antioxidant, have antiseptic effect on water (defect: leady,it is a metal which is harmful to health, international standards required that the lead in copper content shall not exceed 2.5%.

Zinc alloy: low grade material, the density of zinc alloy is smaller than copper, tactility is not good as copper faucet, the surface is easy to oxidation, and will appear white powder. Intensity is far worse than copper, short service life and high levels of lead, the faucet will totally be oxidation in 1-2 year if it make of zinc alloy. Now the zinc alloy is mainly used in the manufacture for the faucet handle. Is made from zinc alloy die casting, and then chrome plated. Most of the market leading handle is zinc alloy.

Engineering plastic:ABS plastic faucet is corrosion resistant, anti-aging, does not rust, do not contain lead, non-toxic, tasteless, high pressure resistance, light weight, simple construction, low price… is a new type of green environmental protection product to makes no rust pollution risk of water quality; This kind of green environmental protection products in the faucet industry will be a rush, should be vigorously promoted

Stainless steel: in 21st century, health and environmental protection has become a new theme of modern life. Stainless steel is an internationally recognized material,even can be implanted into a human body, so the hutch supplies which make of stainless steel has started to become popular in European and American countries. However, due to the stainless steel material is qualitative hardness is high, and strong resilience characteristics, in terms of manufacturing difficulty is higher, make the mass production of the stainless steel faucet become harder, so the real price of 304 stainless steel faucet is higher than the price of copper. No rusting, no lead,does not produce secondary lead to water pollution, create a healthy water environment

The surface treatment of faucet
1. Chromium plating: is the most common treatment method, there are three-layer plating chromium plating process:first acid copper plating layer, the second nickel plating, the third is chrome plating, the international standard is 8 microns, highest faucet electroplating thickness up to 0.12-0.15 millimeters.

2. Electroplating detection: after acid after 24h and 200h neutral salt spray test, no bubbles, no oxidation,peeling,crack (for qualified)

3. Brush: the process is after plating nickel, it will turn out irregular lines on product surface.

4. Bronze plating

5. Painting, porcelain

6. Titanium plating

The tap valve core

Cartridge, from 2 dollars to more than 10 dollars. Of course we can not see it because it is inside the faucet. Cheap cartridge may become leaking after 1-2 years. Now the faucet valve core are using ceramic cartridge, the characteristic is:With the hardness of the diamond sort of ceramic valve core, resistant to 90 degrees of high temperature for long time test, the valve body compression strength 2.5 MPA. Even if used in the area that water pressure is not stable, the service life still can reach more than 500000 times.

After reading this article, you should understand why guangdong kaiping faucet is more expensive than zhejiang fujian faucet. Domestic first-line brand still to choose kaiping shuikou to OEM. Why are their not choose fujian or zhejiang?