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Wildly imaginative bathroom design


The bathroom, generally have washing, bathing, and other functions, is a collection of washing facilities with multi-function, also,it is a very important life space in our daily life,so the bathroom design may influence the quality of our life.

Nowadays, bathroom is not only used as physiological needs, but also can make us to loosen up and enjoy the life. The function of bathroom also increased from the toilet, to massage, rest, beauty and so on.So a lot of people regard the bathroom design as important.

Now,please have a look at the imaginative that I had collected.

1.The magic bathroom design

Creative design ,can be somewhere having a unique style, also can be a whole decorate style of creative design.The bathroom design as the photo below, looks like the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Retro light-fixture, chinese style wooden door, and the washstand with imitation deadwood,what a miracle design.. But although it is special, but hard to match the whole design with other decorations.So we recommend if you want to make a industrial or mashup style bathroom, or some creative workroom,you can try it.

2.Simple bathroom design

In the creative bathroom design drawing, designers separate bathroom area from bathtub by a wall, well protect the privacy of the room staff. A bright yellow  lamp which was installed above the bathtub, Light up the part of separated by wall well solved problem of insufficient light of somewhere . whatever sanitary ware color,material,or the decorations are very simple,it is the characteristic of this design.

3.Contrast color bathroom design
The most attract our attention is the ginger bathtub,blue and yellow kettle decoration in this picture.The surrounding wall of bathroom was brushed by white paint(casual and irregular). In addition, the dark blue, earthy yellow household vase is put in the bathroom, also color the whole space, no longer a monotonous painted white bathroom.

4.Rock style bathroom design

The whole space was choosed unified style Ceramic tile and floor tile of rock in this design. The white background with black line,created a unified rock style, brief ,fashionable and generous.Condole top was designed by small built-in dome light, no affect to the whole style of bathroom, also can provide adequate light.

5.Cool red and black style bathroom design

Designers choose stylish black and red for bathroom colorific collocation. Generally, we will choose the white color, assisted by cream-colored, yellow for bathroom design.But it is rare that the bathroom was designed by black and red as dominant hue, but it is very individual. Hollow ground lamp-chimney is concise and creative,pendant lamp and the ground is still white ceramic tile except the surrounding wall, make it fashionable feeling,but not too dark.