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LED ceiling shower head
  • LED ceiling shower head
  • LED ceiling shower head
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  • Model:H306YW2
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LED ceiling shower head H306YW2 waterproof level is IP68,eparation of water and electricity,and easy installation,with high quality stainless steel 304 for long time using.
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1.material:stainless steel 304

2.color:polished ss

3.size:600*600 mm

4.waterfall:54*190 mm

5.inner ring:299*299 mm

6.outer ring:483*483 mm

7.LED:DC 12 V




1.separation of water and electricity, it’s very safety when on showering

2.light is brighter, we use SMD chip LED, with longer life time and save power

3.easy installation way,the same as Italy brand Bossini

4.waterproof level of our Power Supply is IP68


1. product size can be customized

2. require the professional electric people to install the product,the fault current protection device shower be installated,rated current of unsurance device should be less than 30mA

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